Sunday, June 9, 2013

06/03/13 to 06/09/13

Relocations and In Take
Barn Cat Bash Update
Our Cats after Release
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get
BMG (Bitch – Moan - Groan)

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 27 this week with intake at 11: 
8          Bonham Rescue 
3          Barn in Flower Mound (Frank, George, Simba) 
3          Barn in Palmer (Kelly, Kirby, Baxter) 
2          Garage/Man Cave in Krum (Bucky, Crockett) 
5          Ag Barn In Princeton (Vincent, Yogi, Cheerio, Hanson, Henry) 
1          Barn in Burleson (Baby Kitty – friend for current kitty that is 12 years old!) 
1          Garage in Lucas (Princess) 
4          Barn and Workshop in Pottsboro (Sam, Simba, Sandy, Butch)

There were two cats named Simba this week. The Flower Mound Simba is friendly and the Pottsboro Simba is semi-feral and brother of Sam.

Barn Cats Bash Update:  The event was held at Grotto in Highland Village. We had 76 folks attend…10 more than last year and lots of “new blood”. The Chef’s Dinner donated by Chef Salerno from Grotto went for $1,000! It is a specially prepared dinner for 8 with wine that is held at the restaurant based on the scheduled of your 8 attendees. Everyone had a good time. We grossed a little over $9,000 – best ever for Barn Cats!    

Our Cats after Release:             
Alvarado – Placed Reece in a garage in Alvarado. He is doing GREAT and is “killing stuff” each day – earning his keep!    
 Rhome – Peaches and Coconut went to this barn. The short-haired one was seen early that day but lots of food is disappearing. SO – we hope for the best.    
Sanger – Lisa, Anna, and Jerry were placed here. I did not see them but the family has seen “signs” that they are still around. 
Sachse – This is a back porch with a shed next to it. Marina and Martin were placed here and originally came to Barn Cats from Frisco.They are doing great! Marina is sleeping in a large broken pot that lays on its side – one of those decorative pot things. You can see her cat hair around the edges of the broken area. She pops her head out of there some mornings to say “Hi” as the homeowner is drinking her coffee. 
Melissa – 4 friendly cats (Ava, Bruce, Pepper, Baxter) went to this garage/backyard. We saw Ava and Baxter when we picked up equipment on Thursday. I have some pictures that I will try and get posted next week. 
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get: 
A neighbor of a lady in Irving called on the weekend. She has too many cats/kittens and someone else in the area is poisoning them! That is illegal but you have to catch them in the act! I have alerted rescue folks in the area to see if they can capture them and get the vet work done. It is 10 to 12 adults and about 15 kittens. We do not take kittens – they get carried off by hawks and owls in a farm environment…but…we can help with the adults. She has had all but 3 sterilized but they will need to be tested and rabies/distemper shots updated. We shall see...   
It is funny…not really…but folks call me “worried” about a colony they feed so I offer to take them after shots, etc. are updated, then…nothing! Hey – I do not have openings all the time.  When I say “get the cats done” – get moving, people. When you “get around to it”, I may not have room and then you will be mad at me. Problem with this is that the cats suffer because of their caregivers. Geez!

Coming up to another BIG WEEK – 7 on Monday and 8 yet to be scheduled. There are also a couple of barns wanting 2 or 3 – so, lots going on this week. Equipment pickup will be intense as well with Weatherford, Annetta, Royse City, and Sanger – at least the first two are in the same COUNTY!     

Thanks for following the Barn Cats blog.  See you next week!           Peg

05/27/13 to 06/02/13

Sorry for the delay - with the Bash and some other things, this is a week late. As soon as the Bash is closed out, will get the current week blog finished!
Relocations and In Take
Travel Problem
May Closeout
Our Cats after Release
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get
BMG (Bitch – Moan - Groan)

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 3 this week with intake at 1: 
2          Carport area in Lillian (Ray, Judy)
1          Barn in Royse City (Chadwick)

With the Bash fast approaching, I am glad it was a rather slow week with placements and intake.

Travel Problem:  Nancy and I traveled 1 ½ hours into east Texas only to not be able to find the correct house AND I had a bad phone number on my records…first time this has happened. I called the number I had and it was someone with the same first name but the wrong person. SO – this mistake is mine but I do not know how to recover at that point. We turned around and came home the 1 ½ hours. I will have to give those 3 cats “frequent flyer miles”. 

May Closeout:  It was a great month with 66 cats placed. This brings us to 274 for the year. This is about 40 more than last year at this time. We were in the following 12 counties: 

Collin               Dallas              Denton            Ellis
Fannin             Grayson           Hunt                Johnson
Parker             Rockwall          Tarrant            Wise

 Our Cats after Release:             
Waxahachie – Emerson, Mickey, Mary, Brandon, Brady, Blackie, Jimmy, Suzie, Silver and Murphy are still around her barn and the next door neighbor’s barn. She even happened on two in the tack room the morning I came to collect equipment. 
Dallas – These were a total of 6 cats from a gas station that were relo’ed to a Dallas apartment site. I did not see any but the food is being eaten and mice droppings seem to be less around their pool area where the primary problem was occurring. 
Red Oak – Took 2 feral black cats (Taylor, Jamie) and a friendly one (Sheba) out to this property.  The 2 ferals are living under the house and Sheba is staying in the greenhouse. 
Burleson – Callee and Andrew are doing well. They were spotted about dawn the morning AFTER I picked up the equipment and were chasing mice! Working Cats!

Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get: 
A local vet clinic had a guy come it and BE NASTY because they would not let him get all his cats that “were going to barn cats” done at the clinic without approval. Well – I do not know this guy – so GOOD JOB to not let him charge to us!                

Nothing to complain about this week – concentrating on the Barn Cat Bash.

 Thanks for following the Barn Cats blog.  See you next week!           Peg