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Blog 08/11/14 to 08/17/14  Blog on Vacation until Sept. 7th 

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   Elderly Lady in Keller   
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Feral Cats in Denison
OMG (Oh My God):  Barn Cat Failure!
Relocations and In Take:   Placed 8 this week with intake at 1.       
1          Barn in Whitesboro (Chatty Cathy)
7          Bonham Rescue
The barn in Whitesboro (AIR CONDITIONED) asked for a second cat this week!
Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 5 locations this week.        
1.      Royse City:  Axle and Leo went to this barn.  The owner had seen Leo but not Axle until last Wednesday night – and there he was!  So – all is well in Royse City.
2.      Duncanville:  Pippa and Willa are both handing out at this backyard/garage in Duncanville.  Pippa has even let Clarence pet her. 
3.      Melissa:  Elvira and Sandy have both moved INTO THE HOUSE!   Way to go girls! 
4.      Celina:  Ms. Kitty was placed on this patio/store room in Celina.  All was well until last Wednesday.  She did not come home that evening and has not been seen sense.  Hope she goes home – it was such a nice place for her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
5.      Lipan:  Kiki, Mommy, and Patches have not been seen but the food is disappearing and the litter box used.  This group was pretty reclusive but hope they show themselves soon. 
6.      Whitesboro:  Nemo is doing great and they even asked for a second cat! 
7.      Collinsville:  Camden, Blackpool, and Mama have acclimated to this garage/storage room in Collinsville.  Mama has even let the owner pet her.  So – great news!
8.      Collinsville:  Laverne, Shirley, and Rita went to this barn/Noah’s Arc.  Laverne and Shirley are following the owner around and bring very friendly.  Rita is under the hay and is taking care of business! 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Elderly Lady in Keller
This woman took in a kitten that is now 9 month old.  It is feral and has never “come around”.  She tried to pick it up and got severely scratch ending up in the hospital.  SOOOO – I received a call from an employee at a vet clinic who was just look for help for her.  I called a rescuer in Keller who will try to capture this cat early next week.  We shall see….  Elderly people are often difficult to work with because they will not quit feeding long enough for the cat to NEED FOOD and go into the trap after it.  Hope it works!  
BMG:  Feral Cats in Denison
I received a call from someone who has feral cats in her yard with kittens that are sick AND NO TRANSPORTATION.  You know…sometimes you just want to scream.  Denison is 1 ½ hours from Lewisville.  I gave her some more local resources but I’ll bet she did not follow through         

OMG:  Barn Cat Failure 
Received the following email:   I have failed miserably in updating you on Tinker Bob, fka "Bobbi." Well, she has improved from a Vampire Kitty to a Stealth Kitty, and finally she has become a Family Kitty. She will brave the attentions of the three year old, if it means a good petting.   She sheds terribly but she's fat and sassy now. Where she used to dash between the rails of the baby gate to get to safety...well, now it's more of a squeeze and wiggle.  She won't jump on or over anything, either...the most she'll do is get on our bed. We still think she has problems with her hind legs.   She has even claimed her spot on the bed during the daytime and howls at me if naptime doesn't start on time.  She loves to snuggle up high on our shoulders, pushing her head under an ear, and when she gets tired of the exposed side getting all the petting, she rearranges herself on the other side. She's not stingy with giving us her attention, either.  Every few minutes she will get off my shoulders and go to her daddy, and a few minutes later, she'll return to me...over, and over, and over.  She's the first cat we've ever had that has had claws. Since she has such a terror of the outdoors, she will never be anything but an indoor kitty.   She hasn't torn up anything.  Actually, she lets me trim the sharp points off her claws!  She's truly a wonderful cat, even though she never accomplished her original purpose. She's made up for her "outdoor failings" by being an outstanding kitty indoors.  Thanks so much for your part in finding a good kitty a good home.”

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blog 08/04/14 to 08/10/14     

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   Feral with a Microchip  
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  TOO HOT NOW!
OMG (Oh My God):  All Cages Now Full
Remembering Rebecca

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 9 this week with intake at 14.       
1          Barn in Whitesboro (Nemo)
5          Adoption Group (Sara, Alice, Ebony, Ellie Mae, Stripes)
3          Bonham Rescue
The barn in Whitesboro is AIR CONDITIONED!   Wanted them to take 10 cats instead of just 1!
Our Cats after Release:  Picked up no equipment this week.        
1.      Justin:  The barn owner brought back the equipment to us this week so I did not get to see Beetle Juice.  But, he is doing well and has brought Blossom out of her shell – GOOD JOB BEETLE JUICE!    

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Feral with a Microchip
I received a text from a local rescuer who is vacationing in Montana.  She received notification from Dallas Animal Services that one of her cats was picked up and the chip traced back to her.  Now, because she is out of state, the cat could be euthanized because there is no way she can get it.  SO – Barn Cats to the rescue!   We will get the cat first of the week after the paperwork has cleared.  The bad news is that there is some sort of mix up with the microchips.  She does not chip her ferals but does for the friendlier cats.  It appears that is a friendly cat that was NOT chipped – bummer.  But – this one will be saved!

I hate when it gets too hot (or too cold) to put out any cats.  We cannot put a cat in a cage in a 100 degree barn … unless it is air conditioned (one in a million – see above in Whitesboro), or there is great air flow (usually older barns were build to take advantage of natural flow), or there are fans everywhere.  It is just safer to wait, so that is where we are now.    

OMG:  All Cages Now Full
I am now putting people off until mid-September when the weather cools down.  Most take it well but some are pissed!  Sorry – just TNR and wait for cooler temperatures. 

Remembering Rebecca:  Many years ago when I was doing regular adoptions, I picked up a semi-feral mom with a bunch of kittens.  All the kittens “turned” and got safe indoor homes except for one, Ian (orange/white) that has some health issues.  Ian passed away on 2011 but his mom lasted until last week.  She was 14 or 15 years old.  She had a stroke over Tuesday night and died on Thursday 8//7/14.  Over the last several months Rebecca had become friendlier, sitting next to me on the couch and actually wanting to be petted.  Maybe she knew her time was limited with us.  I really miss her!   

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Blog 07/28/14 to 08/03/14     

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
July Closeout
Bad Calls/Emails:   Release of Cats
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Got that Cat from Animal Services
OMG (Oh My God):  Feral Cats in Gladewater, Texas

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 15 this week with intake at 8.       
3          Barn in Collinsville (Laverne, Shirley, Rita)
3          Barn in Collinsville (Camden, Blackpool, Mama)
3          Barn in Lipan (Mommy, Kiki, Patches)
2          Backyard in Duncanville (Willa, Pippa)
1          Barn in Justin (Beetle Juice)
2          Barn in Royse City (Leo, Axle)
1          Back porch in Celina (Ms. Kitty)

July Closeout:  We placed a total of 39 which is good because I was out of town for 3 weeks.  The county count was 7.
                                             Collin          Dallas        Denton        Erath       
                                             Fannin        Grayson   Hunt            
Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 5 locations this week.        
1.      Gunter:  Poppy and Mrs. O'Hara went to this barn in Gunter.  I did not see them but Poppy was spotted on Saturday night late.  GOOD! 
2.      Royse City:  Louie, Nikki, and Grace went to this barn.  It was raining and we did not see anyone. 
3.      Union Valley:  Susie, Chloe, and Daisy went here to this potting shed.  The property owner was not home so we did not get to go inside…just got the equipment (still raining) and went home. 
4.      Southlake:  Midnight, Callie, and Princess went to this barn.  The ranch manager had brought the equipment to the side of the house – so we did not get to see any of the kitties! 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Release of Cats
I am getting lots of calls from folks needing to release cats.  We help when we can but like everyone else we cannot take them all.  I have 18 cages and when they are full – we are full until some are placed in barns.  The other issue is that we never take kittens:  they can be carried off by a hawk in the daytime or an owl at night.  Also, we have to be careful this time of the year and not put cats in a 100 degree barn for a 2-week relo period.  If there is a fan, it helps but some barns do not even have electricity.  I am ready for Fall!

BMG:  Got that Cat from Animal Services
From last week, the cat from Lancaster Animal Services bit a vet tech at the clinic we use.  The clinic cat, Sugar, spooked her when they were taking blood for the leukemia test…so…now she is in 10-day rabies quarantine.  OH BROTHER!  She was at Lancaster for 2 months and we are sure she will come clean – but this is the law…so…Chatty Cathy stays at the clinic for 10 days. 

OMG:  Feral Cats in Gladewater, Texas
Gladewater is outside of our service area…2 hours travel time in and around Dallas/Fort Worth.  BUT – we will try and help out if we can.  Animal Services has told this lady to get rid of our outside cats and she has found a group in Kilgore to help her.  They have connections with a BIG RANCH with multiple barns in Gilmer.  I am concerned that they may not be familiar with the way to contain the cats so they have a successful relocation.  Barn Cats will go to Gilmer and use our caging if they need help.  We shall see if they call.   

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Blog 06/30/14 to 07/27/14   THE BLOG IS BACK! 

Relocations and In Take
June Closeout
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   One Answer at a Time 
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Private People
OMG (Oh My God):  Barn Cats at Animal Services
Remembering Larry

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 9 this week with intake at 5.       
4          Adoption Group (Amanda, Randy, Meredith, Oliver)
5          Bonham Rescue

June Closeout:  We placed 77 is June for a first-half-of-2014 of 406.  The cats went to the following North Texas counties:
            Collin               Denton            Ellis                  Fannin
            Grayson           Hunt                Tarrant           

Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 5 locations this week.        
1.      Flower Mound:  Toby, Peepers, and Baby Girl are living well in this barn.  All have been seen by members of the family. 
2.      Bartonville:  Ginny and Misty came from Denton Animal Services and went to this barn.  I saw both but they ducked away on top of the tack room by the time I got out my phone to take a picture. 
3.      Midlothian:  Ronny, Reba, and Boots are elusive but have been caught on a game camera….sneaky people!  One took up residence in their gazebo on top of the hot tub but the family had to run them out of there.  All are doing well and enjoying their freedom. 
4.      Dallas:  I put up 3 double cages in a garage in Dallas so that the family could move a group of 3 cats from their former residence.  All were moved and have made a good adjustment.  I saw one of them when I picked up the equipment. 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  One Answer at a Time
On 7/14, a message was left on the barn cat line that one of our cats had been picked up by animal services.  The person calling had given us the cat and it is chipped.  SO – she got called when the chip was read.  HOWEVER, she did not give us any info on WHAT ANIMAL SERVICE location (no city – no nothing!) and then did not call us back with the info.  Now What?  When I returned on 7/21, I called her and she then sent an email…still did not tell us where the cat was found….but she did go get here and said it was a 4 ½ hour drive – WHAT – was the cat in Oklahoma City?  After a couple of emails, I did get the name of the cat.  However, I still did not have the location and also the approximate date she gave us the cat.  OK – many emails later – the cat was placed in Little Elm.  (still no idea why it took 4 ½ hours to drive to Little Elm??)  I had driven by that property about 2 months ago and seen that it was vacant.  I called the company that had a for sale sign in front but they would not tell me anything about the former residents.  My calls were not returned from the person who signed our paperwork.  She had told me in the fall when I picked up the equipment, that the cat was living inside her house….so…good news.  But, now she has moved and turned in the cat to animal services.  You know – we will ALWAYS take back our cats – This one had a happy ending because the cat is back with the original person but I cannot still get any info on the second cat.  OK – there is more…

BMG:  Private People
You know that people contact us requesting cats – we do not call them.  So – I received an email from a lady requesting cats.  She did not include a phone number and/or a location.  With the internet, I get requests from Rhode Island, Michigan, EVERYWHERE!  I have a list of question that I send to barn owners who request cats…city, address, live on the property, etc…general stuff so I can determine the best group of cats to put there if they are in our service area.  This is the response I received back:  “I am on the fence about the cats as well as providing such extensive information about our property.  We are private people and if I decide I want cats, I am going to the pound.”  Fine – no problem but make sure there are spayed/neutered with a negative test for feline leukemia and rabies and distemper shots that are current.  That will be between $200 and $400 at a regular vet clinic….but your choice.  Plus, some pounds will not adopt their cats to outside locations.   

OMG:  Barn Cat at Animal Services
Continuing from “One Answer at a Time”:  About email #8 or so, she asked me if I could take a cat at Lancaster Animal Services that is listed as a barn cat.  She sent a picture but gave no identifying name or registration number and/or a phone number to call.  Also, there is someone who is willing to get the cat neutered, shots, etc.  SO – I called Lancaster AS who was not familiar with the cat in the picture.  Now I called the person who is willing to get him neutered….GUESS WHAT…this cat is NOT in Lancaster…It is in FERRIS!  Geez – what next?  Now I have a cat on hold in Lancaster with no way to get it here.  We will also probably have a problem getting the cat to Lewisville from Ferris.  OH BROTHER – I really have time for this!   

Remembering Larry
The week before the Labor Day weekend in 2009, I received a call from a mentally-challenged man who needed to release his 12-year-old cat.  “We think” his mom had passed away because he was going to live with his sister in Miami and she would not take the cat.  Larry found his friend “Night Rider” in his yard on Christmas Day 12 years before.  He was just big enough to fit in your hand.  Larry and his mom bottle fed the kitten who grew to a very large black cat.  “Night Rider’s” shots were up to date and he was front declawed.  The house was neat and clean and the cat in good shape.  Larry sobbed as we drove away with his friend.  I called the sister to find out if we could deliver the cat to Miami – if it is a financial issue, we will work it out.  NOPE – she started yelling at me from Miami and she did not even need the phone!  Well, that was 5 years ago.  We changed the cat’s name to LARRY in memory of his former owner.  I had to have Larry put to sleep this last Monday, 7/21/2014.  He had diabetes and had been going downhill.  His first years were great with the guy Larry and his last were great with Barn Cats.  He slept with me each night and was a really terrific cat.  I hope human Larry has done as well!  RIP Night Rider Larry!  

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