Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog 11/24/14 to 11/30/14     

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   Mess in Fort Worth
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Confirm Then Not Attend 
OMG (Oh My God):  “Meadow” is Back Home
Memorial for Cindy
Relocations and In Take:   Placed 0 this week with intake at 6.  We did a fundraiser the Friday after Thanksgiving so no cats were placed.         

Our Cats after Release:   Also, did not pick up any equipment this week either but received a picture of 2 of our cats in Gunter. 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Mess in Fort Worth
I have heard that there are about 100 cats at a location in Fort Worth where the property is going to be renovated.  The situation has been on TV.  I originally received a call from the new head of Animal Services in Fort Worth.  I get the first 6 of those this week.  I will take as many as I can when I can but 100 is just too much for anyone at any one time.  

BMG:  Confirm Then Not Attend
I am really tired of folks that confirm for an event and then do not show up.  I guess they have never put an event together.  You plan on seating, drinks, and food based on the confirmed number.  7 different people confirmed and then did not show with NO phone call and/or email. 
One couple confirmed for the DINNER and then did not come…this is the second time that had happened with that couple – so NO MORE INVITATIONS FOR YOU GUYS!  

OMG:  ‘Meadow” Is Back Home
About two years ago, I placed several cats in a barn but one turned out to be friendly.  The property owner took her in but she soon broke out of a screen on a window.  She saw her around the property for the next year, ate food, and even stayed in a light-bulb-heated igloo during the winter.  They decided to try again to catch her about a month ago and LO AND BEHOLD she got into the trap.  Now we know why:  She has become almost totally blind.  BUT – she made it home and is now back inside the house.  You never know…

Memorial for Cindy
Really sorry to have to write this one….
In 2008 we received 2 cats that had been abandoned outside a municipal shelter in either Mesquite or Garland.  Both were friendlier so one went to an adoption group.  The other, a buff tabby about 7 or 8 years old, had a serious medical problem:  she was born without eyelids!  We did the surgery to correct the problem as best we could and Cindy stayed with me.  She slept with me each night and was tolerant of other cats that came and went from the bedroom.  When I returned from a trip the first week of September, she was drooling.  I took her to the vet thinking it was a bad tooth – the usual.  BUT – not with Cindy – it is always something unusual.  She had a tumor in her mouth.  The clinic wanted to euthanize her that day but I asked if we could wait.  They gave her a cortisone shot and an antibiotic shot and sent her home.  Every two weeks, we returned to the clinic for two more shots.  She made it an additional 3 month which I think is great.  Tuesday she passed away.  I really miss her.  Like I said this one was hard.  I hope she reincarnates into a better body – one with working eyelids!  RIP Miss Cindy. (sorry could not get the picture to come over to the blog - maybe another time)

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blog 11/17/14 to 11/23/14     

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   Fundraising Scam (DANGER)
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Spayded is not a Word
OMG (Oh My God):  7 Cats to be Spayed
Memorial for Zorro
Community of Squeezepenny, TX   

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 13 this week with intake at 1.       
2          Workshop in Valley View (Pushy, Tigger)
2          Garage in Plano (Squash, Pastel)
2          Garage/barn in McKinney (Nitto, Amy)
6          Barn in Frisco (Leo, Sugar, Monty, Mandy, Marty, Mouser)
1          Adopted in McKinney (Happy)

Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 1 locations this week.
1.      Crossroads/Aubrey:  4 youngsters from Arlington were all placed in this barn with free-range chickens and a giant pot belly pig!  I saw all 4 (3 are black) and got some pictures to share.    


Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Fundraising Scam (DANGER)
I received an email that looked like someone was trying to make a donation to Barn Cats.  It was from a Christ Fellowship Church and started out with “I just wanted to follow up if you got my below email sent on 19 September 2014.”  Well – the text used broken English and just the 19 September 2014 is not standard US treatment of a date.  I DID NOT RESPOND but started some searches on the internet.  Discovered this is a scam.  This is how it comes down:  “Funder asked if we could wire money to another organization in Kenya because the funder was not able to send international wires.  RDDC (?) consulted with our board and drew up a MOU (?).  We insisted all funds be deposited in our account and cleared before wiring funds onward.  Funder sent additional funds and these checks were deposited into RDDC’s account.  Funds cleared out account, but a stop payment was issued five days after the clearance.  Some of the wires to Kenya had already been processed by that time.”  So all you non-profits out there beware!  

BMG:  Spayded is not a word!
When a female cats is sterilized, we call that a spay.  The past tense is spayed.  Some folks put an extra “D” in there – spayd-ed!  WRONG!  It is one syllable – not 2.  This is not a hard concept and it drives me crazy.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!

OMG:  7 Cats to be Spay
Our Bonham folks make appointments for cat spays and neuters at a vet clinic in Trenton and Honey Grove.  One lady made an appointment for 7 cats to be spayed this week.  WELL – she missed the appointment because HER HUSBAND LET THE CATS OUTSIDE!   IDIOT!  She had not re-scheduled, either.  This sounds like the classic CONTROL ISSUE with the husband.  I have run across this before.  She did not get his “permission” so he fixed it so she could not get the cats to the appointment.  OH BROTHER – it is always something!  

Memorial for Zorro
Zorro was a black and white cat that was found during the very cold weather we have been having.  A concerned lady found him and brought him to Barn Cats.  Zorro was severely congested.  I took him to the vet on Monday and they gave him a Convenia, fluids, and aB-12 shot.  On Wednesday, he was breathing heavily and seemed worse…so back to the clinic.  They knocked him out again (as you have to do with a feral) and Dr. Jim noticed an expanded belly.  He stuck in a needle and got out fluid that he diagnosed as FIP.  So, Zorro was put to sleep that afternoon.  BUMMER – I know we cannot save them all but I would like to.  He is not wheezing anymore.  RIP Zorro!   

Community of Squeezepenny, TX
I went to a barn in an un-incorporated portion of Collin County.  To get there I passed through the community of Squeezepenny.  WHO KNEW!  The proof is in the signage. 


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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog 11/10/14 to 11/16/14     

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   Friendly Cat for Gun Barrel City
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Delays
OMG (Oh My God):  Rats, Mice, Snakes, and… 
Memorial for Eeyore  
Relocations and In Take:   Placed 22 this week with intake at 10.       
1          Adoption Group (Siamese from Aledo)
9          Barn in Terrell (9 from Aledo Hoarder)
12        Bonham Rescue

Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 2 locations this week.
1.      Weatherford:  Well…Midnight and Smokey are Living in the House!   GOOD FOR YOU!  Below is Smokey.  Midnight is a black and white and both came from Lewisville Animal Services

 2.      Ennis:  Miss Kitty and Mama were placed in this garage in Ennis.  They are seeing Mama on a regular basis but not Miss Kitty.  So – don’t know if she went to a neighbor’s garage or not.

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Friendly Cat for Gun Barrel City
A guy called and asked for a friendly indoor/outdoor cat for his property.  So, I got a friendly cat off death-row at the Lewisville Shelter and drove 1 ½ hours to Gun Barrel City.  I called him from a neighboring town to say I was in the area but the call went to voicemail.  I went to the address he had given me but the numbers did not match up.  WELL – there are two sections around Cedar Creek Lake with much the same street names.  I flagged down a lady in another car and asked.  SO – now he is not answering his phone and I cannot find the street.  Thank God for the Map App.  BUT – there was a street, drive, loop, etc. all with the same name…DEAD AGAIN and still no answer on his phone.  After 1 hour of driving around I gave up.  He called about 40 minutes later and said “Who is this?” meaning he had not listened to any of my 5 messages.  SO SORRY – cat comes home with me.  “Happy” will be much happier living in the Dallas area anyway. 

BMG:  Delays
I received 7 from a hoarder in Aledo in September.  I placed them all together on 9/11/14.  The barn owner in Terrell was very pleased with the cats handling his terrible rat problem so he agreed to take the others from the Aledo location.  After many delays, I finally received those cats on 11/7 and placed them with him on 11/11/14…2 months later.  I was soooooo afraid he no longer wanted these additional cats.  But, he did and that problem is resolved.  2 months is a long time for someone to wait.  I was very pleased but surprised that he still wanted them.  All is well in Terrell.  We even saw one of the cats when we were setting up equipment.    

OMG:  Rats, Mice, Snakes, and…
I placed 2 females from different places in a location south of Weatherford about a year ago.  The family made them a hidey box for the back porch and put out a feeder and waterer.  It was a good place for them.  When I picked up equipment they had not been spotted but the food was disappearing.  BUT NOW – they are around all the time and leave “presents” often for their human family – rats, mice, snakes…and…last week…A KITTEN!  Yes, that is right -- our cats are now rescuing homeless kittens.  The family has brought it inside and was calling me for spay/neuter references.  GOOD JOB GIRLS!  

Memorial for Eeyore
On 9/14/2014, a Sunday, I received a gray and white cat that was found in an apartment complex in North Dallas.  He was old, skinny, and severely neglected.  The couple that found him named him Eeyore.  After testing, I released him in the front of my house with my personal cats.  He got along fine.  I fed him AD mixed with water and he ate well…but…never seemed to gain any weight.  Thursday evening he wanted to sit in my lap for several hours which was sort of unusual.  Now I know…  Friday morning he was basically unresponsive.  Dr. Jim at All Care recommended euthanasia, so Eeyore went “over the Rainbow Bridge” that morning.  I only had him for a month but I miss the little guy.  He came to us all dirty.  His white fur had gotten white again since living inside.  RIP, Eeyore!  Get a better family next time that won’t live you outside.  At least he was not dying outside on the wet ground in the cold weather. 

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