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Barn Cat BLOG 5/26/19

Blog 05/20/19 to 05/26/19

BARN CAT TRUCK FOR SALE - $6,000 plus Taxes
2015 Ford Transit Connect – 120,000 miles approximately

MCCC – Mid-Cities Community Cats
DCL – Dallas Cat Lady
PCFCC – Panther City Feral Cat Coalition
FF – Feral Friends
TTR – Tall Tails Rescue
FCR – Feral Cat Ranch

Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Holiday!  

Our Cats after Release
OMG:  Update from Saint Jo

Relocations:   I placed 2 this week.  Holiday weeks are always slower.  MCCC is also working on 2 for Forney and 3 for Gainesville.   
2          Workshop in Lucas (2 from MCCC)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Haslet:  Simon, Pebbles and BamBam went to this shed.  The property owner does horse therapy.  Simon has taken off (lots of other house in the area) and Peebles is living under the shed where they did the acclimation time.  BamBam is Mr. Congeniality with the kids and adults coming to ride the horses.  If you quit petting him before he is ready, he is following them around to get more loving!  
2.     Keller:  Mamma Mia and Sweetie from the Irving Shelter went to this backyard shed.  The family keeps chickens so they are going to have a rodent problem.  The girls are using the cat door in the window and the rats are GONE!   
3.     Anna:  Renee and Blackie went to this workshop/shed/man cave where the husband keeps his pet turtle.  Now the turtle has friends.  They put in a cat door in the window but are not sure the cats have used it….all in good time!
4.     Justin:  I helped place 2 from MCCC in this location (an airplane hangar connected to their home).  The cats are both still there and the property owner is happy!      

OMG:  Update from Saint Jo
About 4 years ago, I placed 4 cats in on property in Saint Jo, TX…go north to Gainesville they turn west on Hwy 82 until you run out of gas!   The property was terrific and I was glad I had brought those cats that far.   I put them in our cages, gave the info to the people and took off.   When I collected equipment 3 weeks later, they were seeing all 4 cats.   The property owner called the other day and expressed regrets about the “transition” but had an update on the cats.  3 out of the original 4 are still there!   YEAH!   What I remember was when I went to the property office, there was an arm chair outside.  It was for FRANCES!   I wonder if Frances is still enjoying her arm chair!


Connected with the Feral Cat Ranch in Waxahachie this week.  Will be working with them to place cats from small municipal shelters around her.  This is good because these cats are coming from shelters (where almost all get killed) AND the shelter is doing the vet work – unlike the other groups that are paying for the vetting.  She runs her operation just like I did all those years.   I will be meeting up with her to do a relocation of 4 cats when the cats are ready.   More later after I go to Waxahachie…hopefully next week.  

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