Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blog 01/25/16 to 01/31/16

Our Cats after Release
January Closeout
Bad Calls/Emails:  Cat Sick in Relo
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Microchip Not Registered
OMG (Oh My God):  Good News from East of Tyler

Relocations and In Take:   We had 13 placements this week.    
            5          Adoption Groups (DaVinci, Cole, Connor, Celia, Cory)
            2          Barn in Ennis (Ernie, Eddie)
            2          Garage in Denton (Tawney, Oscar)
            2          Backyard in Argyle (Miss Persia, Scarface)
            2          Shed in Pickton (Johnny, Jamie)
All our cats going out these cold days/nights are getting winter hidey boxes, rugs, blankets to cover the cages, and either a heater or a heat lamp. 
Our Cats after Release: 
1.     Arlington:  You will love this – we went to pick up equipment on Wednesday.  I made an appointment with the lady, exchanged emails and texts, and when we got there, she had not released them yet.  GEEZ!   So, she was to release them that night and we get equipment from her next week.  This is Toulouse and Rogue.  They are great, but still in that cage as of last Wednesday.  
2.     Argyle:  Bo is still in his cage on that back porch but he is FINALLY going out to sniff family members and be much friendlier.  This is great news!  Here are 2 pictures:

January Closeout
We placed a total of 44 which is good for a January.  Many of those went to adoption groups and not barns….it is just sooooo cold.   We were in the following counties:
            Collin              Denton            Rockwall
            Dallas              Grayson          Tarrant

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Cat Sick in Relo
Got a phone call on Thursday evening that “Hunter” was all goopy at the Van Alstyne barn.  Usually that is just the result of an upper respiratory situation so he needs a Convenia shot, a B-12 shot, and usually some fluids.  At least Van Alstyne is just off I-75 but is still an hour drive from home.  In the summer it is much easier to get a cat from a cage because we leave that carrier in the big cage as their hidey box.  In the winter, we use plastic tubs with a hole cut in it so their body heat is contained.  So, it is much harder to get him out of that tub than to just pick up a carrier and close the door.  The good news is that he ran from the tub into the carrier and off to the vet we went.  Sometimes it does work out and I still have 10 fingers!

BMG:  Microchip Not Registered
I received a call from Dallas Animal Services.  They picked up a cat with a chip that is registered to Lewisville Services.  I took that cat from them and placed it with an adoption group.  They had the chip number in their database so I could trace it to a transfer last November then I could fold our paperwork of what group took it.  Looks like the new owner did not register it in their name – but it was still showing Lewisville so we could find the paper trail.  Hope “Brandon” can now be returned to his owner.  

OMG:  Good News from East of Tyler
Three years ago I went into East Texas with 3 cats for a farm.  I received a call from that property owner with a cat-related question, but she said ALL THREE cats are still around.  YEAH!  That is what we like to hear.  They had a great hidey place for them and I guess it has all worked out.  Nice to have good news for a change.       

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blog 01/18/16 to 01/24/16

Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Senior Cats --- AGAIN! 
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Cages / Carriers / Traps
OMG (Oh My God):  Sorry – I Forgot

Relocations and In Take:   We had 3 placements this week.    
     3     Barn in Van Alstyne (Hunter, Tootles, Kirby)

All our cats going out these cold days/nights are getting winter hidey boxes, rugs, blankets to cover the cages, and either a heater or a heat lamp. 
Our Cats after Release: 
1.     Rockwall County:  Jingle Belle and Candy Cane from Lewisville Animal Services went to this barn.  Both are doing well and are hanging out.  I did not get to see them – bummer! 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Senior Cats --- AGAIN!
Once again I received a email sent to multiple groups from a list that one of the local shelters gives out to folks when they are full.  This lady is trying to place 3 cats:  One is 3, one is 13, one is 16.  REALLY!  Would you give up your 16-year-old child?  A phone number was included which I called but only was able to leave a message.  LADY:  No group will take two cats that old – it will clog up their adoption process.  You need to find a SENIOR person to take your SENIOR cats.  I hate people! 

BMG:  Cages / Carriers / Traps
Got a call mid-week requesting I take 3 cats from her apartment location.  When I said the cats would be caged both here before placement and then for 2 weeks at their new barn home, she freaked.  She did not want them caged.  So, I politely said I could not help her.  She called back on Saturday, crying this time, and is thinking about putting them to sleep.  OH BROTHER!  I think the whole thing is that people get caging, carriers, traps, kennels, etc. all confused.  Our cages for relocation are 2’ x 6’ or 9’ and at the house are big enough for a Great Dane!   The cats have plenty of room.   

OMG:  Sorry – I Forgot
A lady called and wants a cat or cats for the stable where she boards her horses.  She wants feral cats.  Someone does live on the property … BUT … it is up for sale.  If I put feral cats out there, they will not be able to catch them when/if the property sells.  SO – not really up for doing that but a friendlier cat might work out.  I had in my head to call her they FORGOT!  SORRY – she left a message on the land-line on Wednesday when we were in Van Alstyne at the dairy farm.  OOPS!  I did catch up with her on Thursday but she had not called me back.  Probably not a good permanent placement location anyway.       

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blog 01/11/16 to 01/17/16

Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Saturday Night Call from Pennsylvania
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  16-Year-Old Cat
OMG (Oh My God):  Heartworm Positive Cat

Relocations and In Take:   We had 22 placements this week.    
    11   Adoption Groups (Opie, Sammy, Chelsea, Lucy, Alfa, Jack, Princess, Rory, Blue Bonnet, Leo, Teddi) 
     10   Multi-Barn Complex in Justin (Sassy, Zimmy, Tinsel, Jingles, Piglet, Charlie, Fready Cat, April, Samantha, Poppy)
     1     Back Porch and Barn in Argyle (Bo)

Teddi is not adjusting well at her foster home.  I may get her back….hope not…but you never know.  It took her many weeks to adjust here.  

All our cats going out these cold days/nights are getting winter hidey boxes, rugs, blankets to cover the cages, and either a heater or a heat lamp. 
Our Cats after Release: 
1.     Frisco:  Amelia caught her first mouse on Friday night.  ALL GOOD!   
2.     Prosper:  Three out of a group of four cats from a group were placed here in December.  Unfortunately the 4th cat has eluded capture.  Captain Jack, Tootie, and Linda Sue are doing very well and the rats are gone.  HOWEVER, the barn owner does not want to disrupt the three to try and re-introduce the 4th cat.  SO -- Dahlia will have to remain in the backyard where they came from.  Sorry, Dahlia!  This is a great barn!   

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Saturday Night Call from Pennsylvania
This is so confusing – will try and explain.  First she did not tell me she was from Pennsylvania but the accent gave her away…so I asked.  She had put a semi-feral cat in a horse boarding barn and was now having second thoughts.  Well – she did not put Cali in a cage or lock her in a shed or tack room but spend 4 hours sitting with her at the barn.  Now the cat is hiding in a wall.  Well no surprise here.  She does not know horses, etc.  I really could not find out from her about what she wanted me to do from Texas…???  She just talked and talked and talked.  I had to yell at her to get her to stop and then she would interrupt me when I started talking again.  Then she said her other cat had gotten sick and was diagnosed with leukemia when she took her to a vet.  NOW – we have a cat that has been relocated to a barn with other cats who has now been EXPOSED to feline leukemia!   OH BROTHER!  I really could not make her understand how bad this is.  She just talked and talked and talked…but said very little.  Finally, my phone started beeping cause I was running out of battery power.  MY OUT!  ….so I took it.  BUMMER!  Don’t think this was any kind of a positive call and now we are facing the spread of feline leukemia.  OH!!!!

BMG:  16-Year-Old Cat
Received a contact from what sounded like a young woman trying to find a place for her 16-year-old cat.  CANNOT BELIEVE IT!  I think she was just tired of taking care of the cat…don’t know!   But, told her no adoption group will take a cat that old even if it is in good health.  People want a cat they can enjoy for many years – not an elderly cat.  She needs to find a “senior” person to take the “senior” cat.  Hope she will call independent living places to try and find a home for the cat.  BUT…    

OMG:  Heartworm Positive Cat
All our cats are combo tested…Feline Leukemia, FIV, and heartworm.  This week I received a cat that tested positive for heartworm.  There is no treatment for heartworm in cats like there is for dogs.  I will just place her with the others and hope for the best.     

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