Monday, September 24, 2012

09/17/2012 - 09/23/2012

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Phone Calls You Don’t Want to Get:

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 3 this week with in-take at 9…oops…numbers going the wrong way again!                                                        
1                    TNR (trap/neuter/return) in Dallas
1                    Flower Mound
1                    Van Alstyne

I may have only placed 3 but I was “all over the map” picking up equipment from completed relocations.

Our Cats after Release:  With all the equipment pickup, I saw:
·         Cole – big black cat that we put in Crowley. He “owns” the barn now and seems to love his new environment. He has lots of animals and people to deal with and is thriving.
·         Spanky – youngster from Greenville who was found along the side of the road with a car-related injury. He went to Telephone, TX which is north of Bonham. He follows the barn owners around and “helps” with their chores. The other two cats there have accepted him so all is good in Telephone!
·         Gracie and Mack Daddy – older torti and a big black and white. These two went with Motown (more feral cat) to a barn in Fairview in Collin County. The barn owner wanted black, friendlier cats. Gracie and Mack Daddy are friendlier but not black – Motown is black but not really friendly except to the caregiver that brought her to Barn Cats. I did not see Motown but Gracie and Mack Daddy were roaming around and looked good!  The barn owner had followed our suggestion and purchased a llama from Rama Llama Ranch. Llamas along with donkeys and Great Pyrenees dogs chase off coyotes…so….I was very pleased to see that llama patrolling the area and taking care of our cats!
Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  This one was unbelievable: Remember the hoarder from Valley View who gave us 26 kittens and 4 nursing mothers on the Memorial weekend of 2011….he was back on the phone this week. Last year I left him with 4 or 5 traps to get the ferals that are loose in his house.  Four months later – NO ACTION – I called the Chief of Police to get our traps back. Now he has 4 litters of feral kittens from those cats. I told him last year that this is a “one time shot”. We cannot continue to do this over and over. He did not complete the task and NOW it is out of hand again. I need to admit – I have not called him back because I truly do not know what to say and if I could even be civil to him. 

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

09/10/2012 - 09/16/2012

Relocations and In Take
Phone Calls You Don’t Want to Get: 
Barns for Fall Placement

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 18 this week with in-take at 11.                                                 
            3          Bells
            2          Frisco
            3          Adoption Group
            4          Melissa
            4          Crowley          
            2          Rio Vista
Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  Lots of stuff this week…
·         Cat having litter after litter at a south Dallas nursing home:  took the resident a carrier, the cat was fixed and returned.
·         Renter moved in Garland leaving 10 cats/kittens:  referred to Feral Friends – most are friendly but none are sterilized that he can tell
·         “Rescuer” dying with 25 cats – offered to take 6 – all are sterilized but shots are out of date and none have ever been tested
·         Elderly man feeding 15 cats (14 spayed/neutered) – ONE PREGNANT!  Got that one in house for spaying next week.  Friend with contact Feral Friends to see about traps and shot updates. 

Barns for Fall Placement:  This is the last week for this list…working to get this done.
Krum                           Wants kittens, let them know our policy
Celeste                         Waiting for cooler weather
Weatherford                 Need to call
            Sadler                          Waiting for the right set of friendlier cats
            Cooper                         Out of town until Oct. 5th                              

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09/03/2012 - 09/09/2012

Update on the Hoarder Cats
Relocations and In Take
Phone Calls You Don’t Want to Get: 
Barns for Fall Placement

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 10 this week with in-take at 1.                                                   
            3          Bonham
            1          Bartonville
            2          Red Oak
            1          Argyle
            4          Aubrey
Update on the hoarder cats:

·         All the hoarder cats from last week were tested, spayed/neutered and given rabies and distemper shots. All tested negative!

Calls You Don’t Want to Get: 
·        Guy with many feral cats in Corsicana – we referred him to the Humane Society of Navarro County that does spay/neuter.
·         Someone in San Antonio with feral cats at her apartment complex – referred to Texas Barn Cats in San Antonio.
·         Offered to take a cat then it tested positive for leukemia when taken in to the vet…bummer!
·         …and….many calls to take kittens – nope – kittens can be carried off by a hawk in the daytime or an owl at night. 

Barns for Fall Placement:  Still working on this list:
            Krum                           Celeste                                    Weatherford
            Sadler                          Cooper                                                                       

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

08/27/2012 - 09/02/2012

Relocations and In Take
August Close Out
Phone Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  Hoarder
Bonham Cats
Barns for Fall Placement
Relocations and In Take:   We placed 14 this week with in-take at 18.                                                 
            3          To adoption groups
            3          Barn in Fairview
            2          Patio/Backyard in Aledo
            4          Barn in Telephone
            2          Adoption in Bonham
August Close Out:  We placed a total of 55 in August which is really good. BUT REMEMBER:  Nothing happened until the hot weather broke! Cats were placed in the following counties:
            Collin               Grayson
            Dallas              Parker
            Denton            Tarrant

Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  Hoarder! Mid-week, Watauga Aniaml Services received a report of an elderly guy with lots of animals in his house. When they arrived at the premises, he let them in and said “take them all”. There were several dogs and 27 cats. They let him keep 3 cats which means 24 went to a very tiny shelter. They did not have enough caging for all these cats and put out the word for groups to take them. I could not stand to see these cats in small carriers for the long Labor Day weekend! We took 9 and Watauga AS actually delivered them here! Thanks to Nancy and Julie who helped set up extra caging for them in my family room. BUT – I failed to remember one important thing:  Hoarder cats always SMELL really badly! That is an understatement with these guys. He had litter boxes for them but kept them under his sofa. (Guess they stay clean if the cats cannot get to them!) None have ever seen a vet…so – will need to test, sterilize and give shots to all 9! Going to need extra monies for this adventure for sure! 

Bonham Cats:  We sterilized 2 additional coming from the Bonham shelter this week. 

Barns for Fall Placement:  I am finally able to take some locations off this list!!!!!
            Krum                   Celeste               Weatherford
            Springtown          Sadler                 Cooper                                                                       

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