Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blog 09/19/16 to 09/25/16

North Texas Giving Day –  RESULTS:  over $5,000
Raised for our Feral Cats – THANKS! 
Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Ranch/Rancher in Navarro County
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Road Signs in Oklahoma
OMG (Oh My God):  Captain, My Captain!

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 21 this week.     
2          Workshop in Lucas (Pecan, Phillip)
1          Garden Center in Dallas (Scotty)
5          Garage/Shed in Shady Shores (Rachael, Judy, Carl, Jambalaya, Polly)
3          Barn in Krum (Darla, Wendy, Irena)
2          Barn in Bartonville (Ivan, Charlie)
5          Patio in Royce City (5 cats from Dallas)
3          Breezeway in Oklahoma (Taco, Nacho, Frito)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Wylie:  Larry and Lucky from Louisiana went to this backyard.  The owners have fixed up a “retreat” for them and all is well.
2.     Southlake:  Julie went to this garage in Southlake.  She is doing great and they “love” her BUT she wants in the house…keep trying, Julie!
3.     Flower Mound:  Nora and Jane went to this barn home.  The black one got sick so I picked up both cats and got them Convenia shots.  Now they are released.  They have not been seen but the litter is used and the food is disappearing. 
4.     Seagoville:  Max Junior was placed in this barn in Seagoville.  He is doing GREAT and seems to love his new home. 
5.     Roanoke:  Precious and Spice now have their own “cat house” and have been “taking care of business” with the rodent population.  Way to go, girls!


Calls/Emails:  Ranch/Rancher in Navarro County
Went down that way with some cats and took some pics of the owner on his horse and the guinea hens running around.  We put cats there several years ago.  This is the consummate Texas look – love it!

BMG:   Road Signs in Oklahoma
Remember that area that had signs with road names only pointing to the left side of the street?  This is kind of the same thing.  Signs in Oklahoma leaving I-75 from Texas have names but not the road numbers.  Then going west there were NO SIGNS pointing to Whitesboro (Hwy 377) but when I missed it, there ARE SIGNS going east…WHAT?  Nancy and I got “confused” in Oklahoma once and that was before the MAP AP.  I stopped to speak to a policeman who had up a radar trap and asked him “Where are we?”  He directed us out of there or we might still be there!   That is the day we passed the “Middle of No Where Market” – HA HA!  

OMG:  Captain, My Captain!
This is “Captain”, an older black cat about 14 years who came from an apartment complex in North Dallas many, many years ago.  He is a Permanent Barn Cat because of his advanced age and the fact that he HAS NO TEETH!  But…he can still curl up with his favorite toys!  Way to go, Captain! 

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Blog 09/12/16 to 09/18/16

North Texas Giving Day – THIS Thursday, Sept. 22nd

      All Donations are Tax Deductable 
and Greatly Appreciated! 

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  “They are Gone!”
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Cat from Louisiana – UPDATE #2
OMG (Oh My God):  “Seldom Seen” Road Sign   

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 12 this week.     
2          Barn in Plano (Tammy, Tinker)
1          Workshop in Whitewright (Sweetie Pie)
2          Barn in Argyle (Happy, Helen)
3          Barn in Valley View (QT, Lil’ T, Ginger)
1          Garage in Fort Worth (Lucy)
3          Barn in Royce City (Lacy, Flower, Nero)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Montague:  Felix, Foster, and Zippy went to the giant barn must outside of Montague.  They are seeing 2 out of 3 which is good.  The other may show up some day as well.      
2.     Rockwall:  Belle and Sparrow went to this garage/workshop.  They have not been seen but the food is disappearing and the litter box used…so…they are around, just hiding.     

Calls/Emails:  “They are Gone!”
Received a text early on Saturday morning…”They are gone – how did they get out of the barn?”  Explained that they “somehow” seem to get out…??? BUT – they will be back.  Update at 11:33 the same morning “They are back!”  -- TOLD YOU!   

BMG:   Cats from Louisiana – UPDATE #2
Well, 2 of them had hook worms and the diarrhea is horrible.  Also, we matched paperwork with the numbers on the traps…but…now discovering that one is a calico but the doc says “black” and another is black but the paperwork says “tabby”.  GEEZ – I just expect this to be right but not this time.     

OMG:  Seldom Seen Road
This is the sequel to the Go Away Road from last week.  

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Blog 09/04/16 to 09/11/16

North Texas Giving Day – Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016
National Feral Cat Day – Sunday, October 16, 2016
National Cat Day – Saturday, October 29, 2016
Fall Barn Cat Bash – Friday, Nov. 24, 2016  3 pm

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Cats from Louisiana – UPDATE!
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Road Signs in the Country
OMG (Oh My God):  UPDATE:  Kiki and Benny & Tam

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 12 this week.     
2          Barn in Celina (Noodles, Patron)
2          Backyard in Double Oak (Abby, Blackie)
3          Adoption Group (Betty, Fuzzy, Hayden)
2          Backyard in Wylie (Larry, Lucky)
3          Backyard in Dallas (Sylvia, Brooke, Gemma)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Roanoke:  Charlie, Charlene, Linny, and Sparkle went to this barn in Roanoke but are also visiting a neighbor’s barn.  Well – guess the food is better there…???   
2.     Alvarado:  Birdie Mae, Cora, Mae and Daisy Mae went to this horse boarding stable.  The torti took off immediately but the other two have settled right in and are killing rodents each and every day.   
3.     Glenrose:  Rachael, Randy, and Peaches went to this front deck in Glenrose.  All three cats have been spotted around the property and are coming each day to eat and drink.  
4.     Gunter:  Hanna, Midnight, and Mike went to this air-conditioned workshop in Gunter.  They are being illusive but the food is disappearing and lots of poop is being left in the litter box each day/night.  YEAH TEAM! 

Calls/Emails:  Cats from Louisiana – UPDATE!
Received 12 from Louisiana flood areas on Saturday.  I drove to Shreveport, met a guy at a PetsMart who came north, and we did a transfer into our carriers in their BREAK ROOM!  Thanks you, PetsMart!   It went amazing well and fast – we transferred 12 cats in less than an hour.  Only 2 of the cats were “problematic” – “I’m not going in there!”   THEN – I had to drive back to Dallas – about 3 ½ hours door to door, put the cats in cages that the volunteers had set up, and do all the paperwork.  It is all done and two of them have already gone out to Wylie.  YEAH!           

BMG:   Road Signs in the Country
Well, we have seen signs and mail boxes shot up, signs knocked down, and signs just missing all together.  But – this one is funny. 

OMG:  UPDATE:  Kiki and Benny & Tam
Benny and Tam went to a barn in Forney.  One of the guys who runs the stable called on Monday to say that they were GONE and they needed more cats.  I put them back on the schedule and planned on giving them some of the Louisiana flood cats.  BUT – on Thursday, Benny and Tam came home to their barn – YES!   

Kiki went from LVAS through Barn Cats as transport to an adoption group.  Kiki showed up at Dallas Animal Services this week.  Because she is chipped, Lewisville got the call, left me a message, and I worked with the adoption to get her “out of jail”.   That finally happened on Saturday. 

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