Saturday, January 19, 2019

Barn Cats BLOG 1/20/19

Blog 01/14/19 to 01/20/19

No BLOG next week.  Resume on 2/3/19.

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Many Calls/Emails to Take Cats
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Cats at Vet Today
OMG (Oh My God):  Coyote Living Next Door
A Good Story! 

Relocations:   I placed 3 this week. 
2     Adoption Group:  Peter, Buddy
1     Return to Owner:  Jack (see below A Good Story)       

Our Cats after Release:   
There is equipment outstanding in 2 locations:  Carrollton and Flower Mound.  Flower Mound may want more cats but there is no electricity in the barn and we are about to have below freezing weather.  The 2 (Rudolph & Tinsel) I put out there have not been seen but the food is disappearing and the litter is being used.  In Carrollton, the property owner has not completed their “new home” in the backyard so is keeping them in the cage with a heat lamp.  All good!  

Calls/Emails:   Many Calls/Emails to Take Cats
This is our slow time of the year for placements due to freezing temps and lots of mud from rain.  But the calls to take cats do not stop especially since they are going into “heat” now.  When my 18 cages are full – I am full.  I have no control over the barn calls and the cold weather.  BAD TIMING!     

BMG:   Cats at the Vet Today
You cannot expect me to be able to take cats without a “reservation”.  Got an email stating that she had cats getting fixed today with a rabies shot and can I take them?  Well, they need a negative test for feline leukemia and a distemper shot TOO.  There is “no room in the inn” right now.  Sorry.  You should have contacted Barn Cats BEFORE you trap and take them for vetting.    

OMG:   Coyote Living Next Door
I took 2 cats out to a barn on Tuesday.  The property owner wanted them in the barn with a heat lamp – so I was agreeable…but…”Will they go over the fence?”  Maybe – have no control once released.  “There is a coyote living in that barn along my fence.”  NOPE – not our cats.  Get that issued resolved with your neighbors and then we can talk about putting some cats in your barn.  Coyotes are everywhere but LIVING NEXT DOOR is just too much. 

A Good Story:      When I returned home the second week of January, two neighbors said there is a cat living under your shed.  One neighbor had been feeding him there.   SO – I continued to feed him and try and make “friends”.  He ran from me but was never really aggressive.  It is getting to below freezing this week and I was worried about him.  On Wednesday afternoon I set a trap and crossed my fingers.  He set it off that day but WAS NOT IN IT!   BUMMER!   I set it again on Thursday morning and got him about 10 am.  I moved him into a cage in the cat room and called the vet for a Friday appointment for testing, shots, and spay/neuter if needed.  WELL – He is Microchipped and registered to someone in my subdivision.  YES – Microchips Work!  His name is Jack.  I got him back from the vet about 2 pm and left a message at the home number of the owner.  They picked him up about an hour after that.  Jack was gone for 32 days.  It is just ACT OF GOD he selected the “right” shed to live under.  GOOD GOING, JACK!   Home now and never to be loose again.  They are building a cat-io for him. 
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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Barn Cats Blog 01/13/19

Blog 01/07/19 to 01/13/19

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Cats in the HEB Parking Lot – Granbury
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Electricity Required
OMG (Oh My God):  Playing Catch Up

Relocations:   I placed 7 this week. 
1.     Plano:  Clover and Tommy went to be garage cats in a neighborhood in Plano where there are lots of squirrels and rodents in the alleyways.  Both are from Dallas.  The property owner has a space heater for them…all good!    
2.     Van Alstyne:  Sundance and Bumble went to this horse barn where the owner does rescue.  One of the horses is 28 years old!   WOW!  Horses put off a lot of body heat and keep a barn warm this time of year.    
3.     Cedar Hill:  Casey, Callie, and Blue went to this barn in Cedar Hill.  They were all 3 from Granbury – living in an HEB parking lot.   (see CALLS/EMAILS below)

1.     Denison:  Bear-Bear and Snoopy went to this workshop.  Both are still there and doing well. 
2.     Pottsboro:  Moon, Buster and Cowan went to this barn/workshop.  Moon (somehow) got out of the cage early…but is still around.  There is a small heater in the area so the “kids” are warmer.  Buster and Cowan are still there, too.  YES! 

Calls/Emails:   Cats in the HEB Parking Lot – Granbury
A rescuer whom I have known for many years is now living in Granbury.  She saw a bunch of cats in the grocery store parking lot.  Some will be TNR’ed and the rest she is bringing them here for relocation.  Got the first 2 on Sunday.  I can take more on Tuesday but not after that.  Clinics will be closed for the holidays so need to get done early in the week.  It is always something!
UPDATE:  3 were captured:  2 on Sunday and one on Tuesday.  All have tested negative, been spayed/neutered and had rabies and distemper shots.  Will place them in January. 

BMG:   Electricity Required
Well, now it is in the 30’s at night and I have to be careful putting the cats in a cold barn.   All have to have electricity so I can put out a heat lamp with them if there is no heater, etc. available. 

OMG:   Playing Catch Up
I have barn waiting so now just trying to connect with people and set a schedule.  On top of this, having “low tire pressure” in the truck so getting 2 new tires on Monday.  It is always something!  
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