Thursday, October 10, 2013

09/30/13 to 10/06/13

Relocations and In Take
September Closeout
Our Cats after Release
Calls/EMAILS You Don’t Want to Get
BMG (Bitch – Moan - Groan)
OMG (Oh My God)
Surprise at PetsMart

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 20 this week with intake at 7 – YES – finally less intake!
            2          Greenville Rescue
            5          Adoption Group (Beazy Bear, Lucy, Sugar, Wylie, Asher)
            1          Backyard/Garage in Allen (LuAnn)
            4          Barn in McKinney (Sabrina, Puddin, Lucy, Lonnie)
            1          TNR (Stewart)
            3          Barn in Argyle (Jessie, Jordan, Jamie)
            2          Barn in Little Elm (Frieda, Reggie)
            2          Barn in Ovilla (Tripod, Magi) 
September Closeout:  We placed a total of 64 in September in 9 North Texas counties:
            Collin               Denton            Grayson                Hunt              Tarrant
            Dallas              Fannin             Henderson            Parker

Cats after Release: 
1.      Weatherford:  Alex and Carlos from Fairfield, TX. are doing well in Weatherford.  They have been out “exploring” then Jackie returned them to the cage.  Next Sunday will be their release date.  



 2.    Northlake:  Kojack and Danali are doing well in Northlake.  They “roam” the property and clean out the main barn and the utility/hay shed…”working cats” for sure.   
3.     Chandler:  Bobbi went to this sunroom/deck.  She spent her first week of confinement making a mess each night.  Toward the end of the week, her captor was cleaning the litter box and she TOOK OFF!  Well, they found her later the same day behind the washer/dryer (that is why that area is blocked in my laundry room).  At last email, she was making biscuits on the husband’s shoulder with her little prickly claws!  They are relieved and hope for no more drama.  
4.    Southlake:  Martha and Mary are hiding in the rafters of the barn but have ventured out into the pasture via the cat room.  Both are doing well.  
5.     Flower Mound:  Shiloh has made herself at home in the backyard of this home. 



 6.  Argyle:  Sue Ellen and Pam (The Ewing’s) are still hanging out in the tack room at their new barn home in Argyle.  Sue Ellen was under a sink and not accessible, but Pam was in the shower.  The family has acquired a donkey for coyote control – GREAT!    

Calls/EMAILS You Don’t Want to Get:  I continue to get emails from a guy in Valley View, TX that we helped 2 ½ years ago.  We sent carriers into his house and he came out with 27 kittens and 4 nursing moms.  Well we do not take kittens but did that time.  All eventually went to adoption groups but it was a long, expensive adventure for Barn Cats!   I took him several traps and told him to call me and I would pick them up.   NEVER HAPPENNED!   4 months later, I contacted the Chief of Police to get our traps back.  OF COURSE – he never followed through so now there are many, many cats back in that house.  I am taking a representative from another group with me hoping he will take a guy more seriously than he did with us. 

BMG:   A lady in South Dallas got 20 cats fixed through the Big Fix for Big D.  Well, now she is moving and wants us to take these 20 cats AND only gave us 2 weeks.  The cats got sterilized and a rabies shot.  Well, we require a negative test for feline leukemia and a distemper shot.  I told her were could take 2 a week but the vet work has to be done.  She is going to check on where she can get this done and then call back.   OH SURE!

OMG:  I received a call from a vet clinic in Richardson.  A semi-feral cat had been brought to the clinic and then abandoned.  YES – I picked her up – Callie is here now.  

Surprise at PetsMart:  I stopped in the PetsMart at the Rayburn Tollway and Custer to buy IAMS.  I passed by the Love-A-Pet Center and THERE WAS OUR JUDY!   We traded her to Texas Cares and she is now up for adoption.  Judy was found alongside a highway near Sherman by one of our barn owners who was going to see her veterinarian.  Now she will get a safe, all-indoor home through Texas Cares.  (Sorry for the glare – picture taken through glass).


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Saturday, October 5, 2013

09/23/13 to 09/29/13

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Calls You Don’t Want to Get
OMG (Oh My God)
Unusual Mail Boxes

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 15 with week with intake at 13.
            2          Barn in Northlake (Kojack, Danali)
            2          Adoption Group (Princess, Judy)
            1          Sunroom/deck in Chandler (Bobbi)
            2          Barn in Wylie (Major, Beatrix)
            1          Barn in Sachse (Lucy)
            2          Barn in Weatherford (Alex, Carlos)
            5          Adoption Group (all from Rocket, TX)
Our Cats after Release: 
1.      Weatherford:  It has been many years since I have been to Jackie’s barn in Weatherford.   I put 2 there before but now they have moved on.  I am glad she called me again.  Alex and Carlos will be happy there.
2.      Northlake:  This property is a new purchase for the owners from Missouri.  The barn is clean and well-kept with great fencing around the entire area.  Kojack and Danali were immediately out of their hidey boxes and pacing in the cage….a good sign…they smell those mice! 
3.      Sachse:  Rusty was placed there last year in August.  His “friend” took off and he has been lonely ever since.  Lucy will keep him company now. 
Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  Follow-UP: Got the cats in Ellis County on Tuesday and got them into an adoption group on Friday.  They are really nice cats!  Now they will have safe, in-door homes!

Informational:   One barn owner is concerned that her cats will get the same virus that is killing the exotic BIG CATS at the Wylie sanctuary – In-sync Exotics.  Well – that is CANINE DISTEMPER – not FELINE DISTEMPER.  All the cats from Barn Cats have had an FVRCP shot – that is the preventive for feline distemper.  See below from their website:   

Our cats have been diagnosed with Canine Distemper Virus (CDV), and the diagnosis has been confirmed with blood tests. This virus can affect canines, but also animals in the weasel family (including ferrets), raccoons and the Panthera cats (lions, tigers, leopard and jaguars). We have been told that other felines cannot get this virus, so our cheetahs, cougars, bobcats, lynx, servals and ocelot should be safe from infection.”

OMG:   We have put out lots of cats over the last 3 weeks.  Now it is time to start picking up all that equipment after the cats have been released.  Most of the relocations have been 1 or 2 – not 4 or 5 at a time which means there are many, many places to re-visit.  THEN – all that dirty equipment has to be cleaned.  We take it to a car wash.  THANKS to Jamie for that suggestion several years ago. 

Unusual Mail Boxes:   Both of these boxes were on the same street in Anna, TX.  Take a look…
Truck Mailbox
Fist Mailbox

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