Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blog 03/21/16 to 03/27/16


Our Cats after Release
March Closeout
Bad Calls/Emails:  45 Cats in New York
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Kittens
OMG (Oh My God):  Bluebonnets, Iris, and Garden Liner
Blog Suspended

Relocations and In Take:   We had 23 placements this week.    
4          Barn in Aubrey (Bucky, Bruiser, Chloe, Oreo)
2          Backyard in Corinth (Thor, Poppy)
4          Barn in Forestburg  (Jesse, Manny, Ossi-Spot, JoJo)
3          Barn in DeSoto (Dusty, Sam, Tank)
5          Barn in Whitesboro (Randy, Rudy, Rusty, Ralph, Roo)
3          Barn in Iowa City (Christi, Charlotte, Josie)
2          Barn in Archer City (Sarah, Skipper)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Sanger:  Yancey, Morris, and Penny went to this BIG BARN / MAN CAVE in Sanger along with two cats from Denton Animal Services.  They are hanging around the house rather than the new cat house that was built for them…but all is well.  

2.     DeSoto:  Tina, Misty, and Leo went to this barn in DeSoto.  Leo is now living inside the barn apartment and sleeping on their bed.  Tina and Misty have been seen multiple times but are being more elusive. 
3.     Arlington:  This homeowner was moving and wanted to take her cats.  They are living now in their garage and are happy to still be with their people. 
4.     Fort Worth:  Dreamsicle and Pierre were hiding out together in the same hidey box that the barn owner has provided.  They are doing well. 
5.     McKinney:  Bobby, Brad, Jerimiah, and Toby are living in this barn in McKinney.  The donkey is keeping everyone safe and all boys are doing well.

March Closeout
We placed 52 in March in the following 8 North Texas counties:
            Archer             Dallas              Grayson          Tarrant
            Collin              Denton             Montague        Wichita

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  45 Cats in New York
A lady from New York left me a message at the end of the week.  Her colony needs to be relocated and she is calling anyone she can find on the internet.  I returned her call and left a message – it is 3 days later with no return call from her.  Guess she got the problem resolved…???

BMG:  Kittens
The kitten calls have started.  We don’t ever take kittens.  If folks would read our website they would know that.  They just start calling and emailing anyone they can find.  Kittens can be carried off by a hawk or an owl in a farm/ranch environment.  We take them 8 months and older…NO KITTENS HERE!   There are 400 adoption groups in the DFW area.  Get with one of them at a PetsMart or a Petco.   

OMG:  Bluebonnets & Iris
Flowers are already blooming.  There is a ton of bluebonnets along I-20 in South Dallas and we have seen many beautiful groups of iris.  This cool bottle-lined garden is in Corinth: h

Blog Suspended
I am having hip replacement on Monday and will be “down for the count” for 4 to 6 weeks.  Intake has been suspended as of last Tuesday and we just about got the house cleaned out before Easter.  Only Bonnie and Sophie are still in cages here.  I will pick up the BLOG when I return and we start placing cats once again.  HAPPY EASTER!  

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blog 03/14/16 to 03/20/16

Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Another Mess in Corsicana
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Phone Messages Not Returned
OMG (Oh My God):  Pringle now Pistol
Wisteria Blooming  

Relocations and In Take:   We had 8 placements this week.    
2          Adoption Group (Cory, Squirt)
4          Barn in McKinney (Brad, Bobby, Toby, Jeremiah)
1          Barn in Seagoville (Ted)
1          Barn in Hickory Creek (Mittens)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Gainesville:    Buddy, Hugo, Missy, Daisy, Betsy, Betty, and Garfield went to this barn area next to his MAN CAVE!  They are elusive but seen at sundown.  The food is disappearing so all is good in Gainesville. 
2.     Flower Mound:  Henry and Harry went to this backyard.  Unfortunately they have taken off.  The home owners are still holding out hope that they will return so we will just have to wait and see.  They will take additional cats if the boys do not return.  UPDATE:   They are back!   YEAH! 
3.     Flower Mound:  Helen, Heather, Hope and Bruce went to the multi-barn site with lots of chickens.  They are seeing Bruce more that the girls but I’ll bet they are still around. 
4.     Red Oak:  Daisy, Luna, Geri, and Gizmo went to this warehouse area.  All 4 are still around protected by the biggest set of long horns I have ever seen.   CHECK IT OUT – they are 9 ½ feet from tip to tip:

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Another Mess in Corsicana
There is a guy with several cats in Corsicana who is terribly ill.  He wants me to take his cats if/when he goes to an assisted care facility.  OK – probably can do that based on available caging.  I asked if he had discussed this with the Navarro County Humane Society.  And I quote:  “All they do is fight amongst themselves.  The animals are secondary to their internal squabbles.”  Well – BUMMER!   People:  Get over yourselves and take care of the animals that need you – Geez!  

BMG:  Phone Messages Not Returned
Received an email from someone saying her friend wanted 4 cats for her barn in East Texas.  A phone number was included.  I left 5 messages that week (this was 2 weeks ago).  Never received a phone call back.  So I took the high road:  sometimes phone calls are missed in the country…so gave her the benefit of the doubt.  The next Sunday, the friend got her to text me and said she was on her way to Tyler and would call me Sunday night.  Nothing again!  On Thursday they were together again – she texted and I called her AND SHE ANSWERED!  Hallelujah!   I asked some questions and she said she would send pictures on the inside of her barn…well…that was 5 days ago and NOTHING!   I have written her off.  If she does not have time to call me back to discuss cats and the layout of the barn, then she probably does not have time to take care of any cats. 

OMG:  Pringle now Pistol
We sometimes take cats from the Bedford city shelter.  We got 3 from them several years ago and one was this nice orange guy, Pringle.  When we took him in to the vet to be checked and shots updated, they discovered he was declawed in front.  NOW WHAT?  We cannot put out a declawed cat.  Then – ACT OF GOD!  We got a call from a business in Whitesboro that wanted an inside cat for their store.  They have lots of very expensive western-theme furniture and a declawed cat would be great.  Pringle is living “high on the hog” in Whitesboro and sleeps on the most expensive pieces they have – of course!  How they are opening up another building just across the driveway and will need another cat in June.  We will certainly get one for them.  Pringle (Pistol) is a big hit and some people just stop to see him.   BARN CATS ROCK! 

Wisteria Blooming – Check it out!

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