Sunday, February 20, 2011

Barn Cats Van

Some of you may have seen the mail out that Peggy sent. But, I thought I'd take this opportunity (while she is out of town) to help out a bit.

In case you haven't heard, the van is on its third transmission and the A/C no longer keeps the kitties cool during August relos. We have been working on getting a grant, but so far, no luck.

If you can contribute anything to help out with the downpayment on a good, used van, please go to the chip-in page:

You can also mail a check directly to Barn Cats at PO Box 293152
Lewisville, TX 75029


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8, 2011

I am sorry – this is Texas!   We should not be home-bound by snow and sleet for 4 days in a row.  

It certainly has had an effect on the relocations of our Barn Cats….NONE!  

The volunteers could not come over for the regular Saturday cleaning.  Neighbor Nancy skated over the alley way to help and we got all the cages cleaned in several hours.  The hardest problem was getting the bags of nasty, used cat litter out for the trash without slipping.  

Unfortunately, I am leaving Friday, Feb. 11th and will return on March 3rd.  Glad Neighbor Nancy will be here to answer the phones and the emails.  The blog entries will be suspended until I return.  I certainly am hoping for a fabulous March and April with 50 to 60 placed each month.  

Stay tuned when blogs will return about March 6th.  Byeeeee!    Peg

January 30, 2011

We placed 8 cats this week in Southlake, Argyle, Parker, and Weatherford plus traded one to New Beginnings Cat Rescue.  “Frannie” was originally found in an apartment complex with other older, larger cats beating up on her.  We are all glad she will now get a safe, in-door home.  

We have now begun taking in cats from folks that registered with Barn Cats, Inc. in October last year.  We had a slow placement time in the fall that just pushed the time on the list longer and longer.   We took in 3 of one set this week with 6 more coming in next week.  

“Katie” who was traded to Animal Allies a couple of weeks ago was adopted this week.  We love that!
There is only one additional day in January so we will close out the month today.   

We had 31 placements in January which is pretty good.   2010 was 20 but 2009 was 84 – best January and best month ever!  

I always worry about putting cats in cages in a cold barn…but it always seems to work out.  “Rudy” and “Opal” went to a barn with no electricity and both did fine.  We even saw “Opal” the day we picked up equipment this last week.  

Pam with Feral Friends was able to help start trapping a group of 2 cats in Glenn Oaks where the elderly caregiver passed away.  She got the male on Friday and will continue to try to get the female this coming week.   

PEOPLE:  If you have elderly parents, do not wait until they pass away and you then have a crisis.  Get those cats out of there BEFORE the parent dies.  It is much easier when someone still lives on the property and can help with the trapping.  I hope she gets that female – they are all in heat right now!    GEEZ – the world does not need any more kittens!

Jeanette, an independent trapper, wanted me to take some of her cats….but….I said “I can add you to the list for April – or you can call around and get some barns.”  OK – she is on it!   She had found several barns for us and I am very happy.  


Well, that is it for January.  I need to get on it and return the phone calls from yesterday.  Talk to you guys next week.               Peg

January 16, 2011

I have started telling all those folks on the list that I can place their cats “IF” they can find a barn.  Then, their cats would go to the top of the list.  Two of the cat folks have found barns so I have been out to deliver and set up the equipment for one of them this week.  The other could not be scheduled until next week….that is OKAY because it will be warmer.  

One is a feed store in Plano.  You folks that think Plano is an up-scale, high-dollar area are correct – but – there are still lots of barns, feed stores, and large animal veterinarians out there, too.  There is even a large dairy farm in Plano!  

I have had two calls for backyard cats, but each of those need to be friendlier cats.  Backyards are problematic because it is usually a covered patio where we would set up the cage for the relocation.  It may be covered but the sides are open and it can be very cold out there at night.   I have some plug-in pads that look like doormats that will keep them warmer and most patios have electrical outlets.  We will try and get that done next week when it is 60 degrees in the daytime.  It will be so nice in the spring to not have to worry about weather all the time!    

I was able to take in 8 cats from one location this week.  That guy had registered his cats with me in late September.  The list is so long now and it may not get cleared up until March. 

I hate this cold weather!

January 9, 2011

Well, we only placed 5 cats this week but we were in 9 Texas counties just last Thursday!  We have to be very careful this time of year with it being so cold at night.  The cats are in cages for 2 weeks and some barns do not even have electricity…much less heat.  So, placements will be down potentially through this January.  January of 2009 we placed 84 cats, the best month ever.  We had all the barn owners wanting large number of cats.  That always keeps the numbers higher.  

The other problem is that I have over 40 folks on a waiting list and almost all have 5 or more cats to place.  At least now I can take in some and get someone off that list. 

We need warmer weather!  This is Texas – I want warm!

2010 Wrap-up

First:  Check out the February 2011 issue of CAT FANCY magazine.  There is a terrific article about Barn Cats, Inc. written by Dusty Rainbolt.  
Well, we have made it through another year.  We had the following milestones:
1.       476 cats placed
2.       1088 gallons of gasoline
3.       37 Texas Counties serviced, plus 5 Southern Oklahoma Counties
4.       Lamar County – added to our counties served with a placement North of Paris, TX.
5.       Recognition from:
a.       Texas Farm Bureau TV and magazine
b.      Tractor Supply “Out Here” magazine
c.       Prepared article for February 2011 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine
d.      Consulted on a book to be published next year on feral cats

As for issues, we will need a new van this year.  This will have to be a top priority for us.  Without adequate transportation, we cannot service those 37 Texas counties.   If anyone has any ideas, send an email to   

HAPPY NEW YEAR!             

 Peg and all the Cats at Barn Cats, Inc.