Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January 16, 2011

I have started telling all those folks on the list that I can place their cats “IF” they can find a barn.  Then, their cats would go to the top of the list.  Two of the cat folks have found barns so I have been out to deliver and set up the equipment for one of them this week.  The other could not be scheduled until next week….that is OKAY because it will be warmer.  

One is a feed store in Plano.  You folks that think Plano is an up-scale, high-dollar area are correct – but – there are still lots of barns, feed stores, and large animal veterinarians out there, too.  There is even a large dairy farm in Plano!  

I have had two calls for backyard cats, but each of those need to be friendlier cats.  Backyards are problematic because it is usually a covered patio where we would set up the cage for the relocation.  It may be covered but the sides are open and it can be very cold out there at night.   I have some plug-in pads that look like doormats that will keep them warmer and most patios have electrical outlets.  We will try and get that done next week when it is 60 degrees in the daytime.  It will be so nice in the spring to not have to worry about weather all the time!    

I was able to take in 8 cats from one location this week.  That guy had registered his cats with me in late September.  The list is so long now and it may not get cleared up until March. 

I hate this cold weather!

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