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Blog 10/10/16 to 10/16/16

Fall Barn Cat Bash – Friday, Nov. 24, 2016 - 3 pm
Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Hilltown in Denton County (update)
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  “We Didn’t Close!”
OMG (Oh My God):  National Horse Radio Network   

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 19 this week.     
3          Workshop in Italy (Sam, Benny, Outlander)
6          Barn in Crowley (6 from Granbury AS)
5          Shed in Springtown (5 from Irving AS)
1          Adoption Group (Antonio)
1          Barn in Van Alstyne (Coffee)
3          Barn in Double Oak (Velvet, Prince, Karrie)

Our Cats after Release:  Picked up a boatload of equipment this week!
1.     Krum:  Darla, Wendy, and Irena went to this barn home.  All 3 have been spotted thus week so all is good in Krum.
2.     Mead, OK:  Taco, Frito, and Nacho were place in this sunroom in Oklahoma.  The black one is seen each day and the other two have been spotted in the neighborhood.  They will be back! 
3.     Royce City:  This was an equipment load so a caregiver could move 5 cats to her new location.  She caught 4 out of 5 and know from a former neighbor where the 5th one is hanging out.  She hope to capture that last one this weekend.
4.     Van Alstyne:  Pepsi and Dennis went to this barn in Van Alstyne.  When let out of the cage, Dennis followed the property owner to the house and is now an indoor/outdoor kitty…you go guy!   Pepsi is living in the barn and killing stuff…see below.  I took her a new “friend” – Coffee – this week.                                                                                                

5.     Highland Village:  Kiva went to this barn and has become Mr. Congeniality with their other cat…but…he has not killed anything yet that they know of.  Hope he gets the message soon.
6.     Flower Mound:  Cash and Buddy went to this horse stable in Flower Mound.  They are doing great and have taken up residence in a small hay closet.  Each night they come into the barn and go into this closet to spend the night…keeping them safe from all those nasty nocturnal predators.       

7.     Double Oak:  Remember Hillary who went to live with all those Republicans!   She is doing great.

 8.    Valley View:  QT, Lil’ T, and Ginger went to this storage barn in Valley View.  They are being kept in the barn/storage shed for now.  QT has let them pet him…

9.     Fort Worth:  Lucy is living in a garage in the southern part of Fort Worth.  She is currently “roaming the neighborhood” and we all hope she will be back soon. 
10.  Royce City:  Lacy Flower and Nero went to this horse stable and retreat center in Royce City.  All three are hanging around and “doing their job”.  YEAH TEAM!
11.  Shady Shores:  This workshop/shed is the new home of Rachel, Judy, Carl, Jambalaya, Gracie, Joe, Gracie, and Tamale.  I saw two of them when I picked up equipment.  They have a great hide-out with both dry and canned food.  They guys will do well!
12.  Bartonville:  Ivan and Charlie have a new barn home in Bartonville.  They have a window to come and go to the barn with a raised area for a hideout.  They are currently roaming the neighborhood but are returning to eat, drink, and poop.      

Calls/Emails:  Hilltown in Denton County (update)
Debra got 5 adults, 1 older kitten, and 2 smaller kittens.  She kept the 2 smaller kittens.  Unfortunately, 2 adults (large males) tested positive for feline leukemia and were euthanized.  I got the other 3 adults and the larger kitten.  It looks like a sibling of the orange/white kitten I got last Sunday…so put them together.  The mom and 2 kittens I received last Sunday have the following “issues”:
·       Mom (Mallory):  Tested negative and got a Convenia shot
·       Black Kitten (Millie):  Has an eye problem and is getting meds twice a day in her eyes plus a liquid antibiotic
·       Tabby Kitten (Missy):  Has ringworm and is getting the area treated twice a day plus a liquid antibiotic
GEEZ – I guess it cannot always go smoothly.  There are still several kittens and about 6 adults on her property.  She said “6 or 7” – but it is always twice what people say. 

BMG:   “We Didn’t Close!”
I was called to take some cats into East Texas on Friday.  I have set up this delivery the previous week.  They were to close and move this week and wanted the cats as soon as possible.  I did the paperwork, printed maps, packed equipment, and then packed up the cats.  I sent her a text to say I might be later than previously discussed because it was raining.  I received a text back 30 minutes later that she needed to reschedule because they did not close.  WELL – I have spent several house getting ready and SHE DID NOT CALL ME TO POSPOSE THIS UNTIL I CONTACTED HER.  I call and asked how long she had known about this.  She did not answer.  I said I had cats coming in that night to fill these cages and this has really messed up the schedule.  That pissed her off and she said “JUST FORGET IT” and hung up on me.  Hope she is overrun with rats, mice, and SNAKES!  LOOK OUT!  Barn Cat Curse!  HA HA!    

OMG:  National Horse Radio Network
I was interviewed on a program this week and it went well.  If you are interested, this is the link:

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Blog 10/03/16 to 10/10/16

Fall Barn Cat Bash – Friday, Nov. 24, 2016  3 pm

September Closeout
Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Hilltown in Denton County (update)
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Dog with Very Long Toe Nails
OMG (Oh My God):  Waco National Mammoth Monument

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 13 this week.     
2          Garage Office in Copper Canyon (Grayson, Riley)
3          Barn in Duncanville (Pistachio, Cherry, Sundae)
1          Barn in Anna (Greta)
3          Barn in Keller (Popcorn, Peanut, Molly)
3          Workshop in Waco (Cinnabun, Irving, Socks)
1          Garage in Allen (Rover)

September Closeout:  We placed 90 in September in 11 North Texas and Oklahoma counties. 
            Bryan, Ok        Dallas              Grayson          Tarrant
            Collin              Denton            Hunt                Wise
            Cooke              Fannin             Rockwall

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Plano:  Tammy and Tinker from Louisiana went to this barn in Plano.  One is seen regularly and but lots of food is disappearing and there is “much poop” in the litter box.
2.     Lucas:  Phillip and Pecan went to this insulated workshop.  They are doing well and the family is getting them in each night – that is the only way to keep them safe! 
3.     Argyle:  Helen and Happy from Louisiana went to this barn.  They come when he shakes the food container – good thinking.   Both are well! 
4.     Dallas:  Sylvia, Brooke, and Gemma went to this backyard in Dallas.  Saw 2 out of 3 and the third was in their new “stylish” feral house.  WOW!    

 Calls/Emails:  Hilltown in Denton County (update)
Went there is Debra on Sunday and met the dog people.  They took us to the home.  There were flies everywhere and it smelled bad.  The elderly lady leaves out food that that causes the problem.  Debra put out 6 traps and we dog 3 adults and 2 kittens.  Debra will return later this week to see about getting additional cats.  One was sneezing – upper respiratory infection – but we did not get that one.   More next week…    

BMG:   Dog with Very Long Toe Nails
The lady in Hilltown has two 14 year old small dogs...neither of which is spayed…of course.  When they came out on the porch, their toe nails were about an inch long and one was wrapped around the side of the foot.  Poor dogs!  I alerted the dog people and they said they would be back to cut the nails.  Geez – pay attention, lady!       

OMG:  Waco National Mammoth Monument 
When looking for the Waco barn address, I drove past a NATIONAL PARK – The Waco Mammoth Monument.  I was shocked!  Did not know this existed.  I stopped but the tour takes 45 minutes and I did not have that long.   BUMMER!   Will have to catch it another day.


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