Sunday, November 3, 2019

Blog 10/28/19 to 11/03/19

1.     The Barn Cat phone number has changed.  Remove 972-315-2875.  Use 972-742-5238. The website has been updated but there are still many lists out there with the old number.  A message now exists on the old number that references the new number. 
2.     The Barn Cat mailing has changed:  PO Box 12642, Dallas, TX  75225.  Letters will be going out this week with the new information. 

MCCC – Mid-Cities Community Cats
DCL – Dallas Cat Lady
PCFCC – Panther City Feral Cat Coalition
FF – Feral Friends
TTR – Tall Tails Rescue
GNB – Garland New Beginnings
HCPA – Hunt County Pets Alive
SPCA – SPCA of Texas

Calls/Emails:  Contacts for Barns are Increasing!
OMG:   Having Trouble Contacting a Barn
BMG:  Vacation Plan for My Cats

Relocations:   8 placed this week.
            3          Barn in Lucas (MCCC)
            3          Barn in Sanger (MCCC)
            2          Workshop in Princeton (DCL)

Calls/Emails:  Contacts for Barns are Increasing!
I think, because it has gotten cooler, the RATS ARE RUNNING now.  I have gotten 4 or 5 calls this week about getting cats.  Hope this trend keeps up, for sure!

OMG:   Having Trouble Contacting a Barn
A lady sent me an email and included a phone number.  I called her but a guy answer and said he would have her call me….nothing yet and it has been 2 days.  I have returned the email twice as well and asked her to call me….nothing yet.  Don’t understand what is going on…??????? 

BMG:   Vacation Plan for My Cats
The “angry mod” will be going to Lewisville for the time I am out of town.  I retrieved caging from PCFCC and have taken it to Neighbor Nancy’s house.  They will be safe for not happy.  Folks ask how they have adjusted.  Just check it out:  in front is Frankie, next is Captain, then Charlotte and last is Angel.  Good Kids! 

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg  

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