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09/09/13 to 09/15/13

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Calls You Don’t Want to Get
BMG (Bitch – Moan - Groan)
OMG (Oh My God)
Check out this Dog

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 17 with week with intake at 11!
            3          Adoption Group (Bolt, Piggy, Man)
            2          Trap/Neuter/Return (Polar Bear, Chubby)
            2          Barn in Southlake (Martha, Mary)
            2          Barn in Argyle (Pam, Sue Ellen)
            2          Barn in Denton (Morgan, Ebony)
            2          Barn in Wolfe City (Marla, Monty)
            2          Home in McKinney (Rollo, Chuy)
            2          Shed/Backyard in Dallas (Trouble, Miranda)

FINALLY – it is cooling off and we can get some cats placed.  17 is a really good week...but notice, it is all in two’s except for the adoption group that was for 3.  That is a lot of driving around. 
Our Cats after Release:  Had no out-standing equipment so have no update on cats after release. 
Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  A guy called me from East Dallas.  His mom passed away suddenly, he lived with her, and now is about to be evicted.  She had a REVERSE MORTGAGE.  WHAT?  Your son (no job, does not drive, has no friends and lives with you) has no income and you get a REVERSE MORTGAGE with no way he can repay the bank.  HOW SHORT SIGHTED IS THAT!  People need to look at the BIG PICTURE with these mortgages.  If there is someone dependent on you (for whatever reason – see OMG below), then how can they possibly repay that mortgage.  He has no income and the utilities are about to be cut off.  Glad I could help him with the cats.  I took 5 out of 8 – and all 5 have been placed.  He has no carriers or way to get them to me or any other adoption group.  I drove into East Dallas to take him carriers and he was able to pack up those 5 cats right away…GREAT!   I now need to go back and leave him 3 additional carriers. 

BMG:   PEOPLE:  You cannot continue to leave messages sitting on your phone.  The box fills up.  You leave me a message, I call back, but then cannot leave you a message.  WAKE UP!  If your mailbox is full, you should not be leaving messages for other people who DO KEEP THEIR BOX EMPTY!  Then you call me back and are MAD because I have not returned your call.  AHHHHHH!   

OMG:   I understand that formally there was a “stigma” attached to the family if they had a mentally challenged child.  BUT – those days are over.  That child needs to be self-sufficient because you are not going to live forever.  Group homes are the answer and I have personally seen that WORK in two or three cases.  Also, it should not be the responsibility of other siblings to TAKE IN that child when you die.  Get him/her somewhere where there are other similar people…they now have friends and get jobs.  They can LIVE – not be “protected” by a well-being but misguided parent. 

Check out this dog … from a groomer-gone-wild.  The dog does not care – happy and good natured, but....

Thanks for following the Barn Cats blog.  See you next week!           Peg

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