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Blog 08/29/16 to 09/04/16

North Texas Giving Day – Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016
National Feral Cat Day – Sunday, October 16, 2016
National Cat Day – Saturday, October 29, 2016
Fall Barn Cat Bash – Friday, Nov. 24, 2016  3 pm

Our Cats after Release
August Closeout
Calls/Emails:  Cats from Louisiana
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  New Fence
OMG (Oh My God):  Feral House

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 17 this week.     
3          Barn in Copper Canyon (Doris, Deena, Dolly)
3          Barn in Flower Mound (Nora, Jane, Sophie)
1           Backyard in Frisco (Sweetie Pea)
2          Barn in Roanoke (Precious, Spice)
2          Workshop in Flower Mound (Jinx, Dazzle)
2          Barn in Flower Mound (Onyx, Mother Goose)
1          Barn in McKinney (Fred)
2          Backyard in Dallas (Louise, Squee)
1          Barn in Seagoville (Max Junior)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Fairview:  The barn is Fairview does not have animals but farming equipment and an exercise room in a stall.  I put Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Franklin out in this area.  They are seeing two out of three (I actually saw one but it ran from me) but the litter boxes are full.  I told him “Poop is good” and he just laughed. 
2.     Seagoville:  UPDATE:  Ribbit, now Diesel, is doing very well.  I put him out the last week of June and when I returned from vacation, he had worked his way into the house and is now totally indoor.  SO – you never know!  

August Closeout:  We placed a total of 66 in 10 North Texas counties.  This is our BEST AUGUST EVER in 14 years!   It is all because of the cooler weather.  Don’t Mess with Mother Nature! 

Collin              Denton            Johnson          Rains               Somervell
Dallas              Grayson          Parker             Rockwall         Tarrant

Calls/Emails:  Cats from Louisiana
Been waiting for this one…
We are too close to Louisiana so when a natural disaster happens, we will get a call to take some cats.  Current count is 12…but don’t know about vetting, ages, timeline, etc.  This was an email and I am waiting for a call.  For Katrina, we went East and others went North to meet in Shreveport.  Hope to hear from folks soon about this one and maybe get those 12 cats this week.  Update next Sunday!      

BMG:   New Fence
I contracted with a company to put up a new fence.  They did not get started until Friday and most of that was take down.  On Saturday they started putting up the new panels but at the same time as the Barn Cat volunteers were here to clean cages.  WHAT MESS!  The cat room door was blocked while they built the new gate and stuff was all over the driveway.  GEEZ!  We just decided to stop and drink beer until they finished with the gate.  Beer is good!

OMG:  Feral Houses
Two clients had feral houses this week.  One in purchased it on Amazon and it is heated.  That was for Sweet Pea.  The other built the house.  They gave me the dimensions but it “got bigger” as he continued to build it.  I took over my bigger cage pieces and we jerry-rigged it until it worked out.  It was Hill Billy Construction at its best.  BUT – the cats are safe and that is what is always important.  Good Luck, Louise and Squee. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.          Peg

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