Thursday, September 20, 2012

09/10/2012 - 09/16/2012

Relocations and In Take
Phone Calls You Don’t Want to Get: 
Barns for Fall Placement

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 18 this week with in-take at 11.                                                 
            3          Bells
            2          Frisco
            3          Adoption Group
            4          Melissa
            4          Crowley          
            2          Rio Vista
Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  Lots of stuff this week…
·         Cat having litter after litter at a south Dallas nursing home:  took the resident a carrier, the cat was fixed and returned.
·         Renter moved in Garland leaving 10 cats/kittens:  referred to Feral Friends – most are friendly but none are sterilized that he can tell
·         “Rescuer” dying with 25 cats – offered to take 6 – all are sterilized but shots are out of date and none have ever been tested
·         Elderly man feeding 15 cats (14 spayed/neutered) – ONE PREGNANT!  Got that one in house for spaying next week.  Friend with contact Feral Friends to see about traps and shot updates. 

Barns for Fall Placement:  This is the last week for this list…working to get this done.
Krum                           Wants kittens, let them know our policy
Celeste                         Waiting for cooler weather
Weatherford                 Need to call
            Sadler                          Waiting for the right set of friendlier cats
            Cooper                         Out of town until Oct. 5th                              

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week.           Peg             

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