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Blog 08/11/14 to 08/17/14  Blog on Vacation until Sept. 7th 

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   Elderly Lady in Keller   
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Feral Cats in Denison
OMG (Oh My God):  Barn Cat Failure!
Relocations and In Take:   Placed 8 this week with intake at 1.       
1          Barn in Whitesboro (Chatty Cathy)
7          Bonham Rescue
The barn in Whitesboro (AIR CONDITIONED) asked for a second cat this week!
Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 5 locations this week.        
1.      Royse City:  Axle and Leo went to this barn.  The owner had seen Leo but not Axle until last Wednesday night – and there he was!  So – all is well in Royse City.
2.      Duncanville:  Pippa and Willa are both handing out at this backyard/garage in Duncanville.  Pippa has even let Clarence pet her. 
3.      Melissa:  Elvira and Sandy have both moved INTO THE HOUSE!   Way to go girls! 
4.      Celina:  Ms. Kitty was placed on this patio/store room in Celina.  All was well until last Wednesday.  She did not come home that evening and has not been seen sense.  Hope she goes home – it was such a nice place for her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
5.      Lipan:  Kiki, Mommy, and Patches have not been seen but the food is disappearing and the litter box used.  This group was pretty reclusive but hope they show themselves soon. 
6.      Whitesboro:  Nemo is doing great and they even asked for a second cat! 
7.      Collinsville:  Camden, Blackpool, and Mama have acclimated to this garage/storage room in Collinsville.  Mama has even let the owner pet her.  So – great news!
8.      Collinsville:  Laverne, Shirley, and Rita went to this barn/Noah’s Arc.  Laverne and Shirley are following the owner around and bring very friendly.  Rita is under the hay and is taking care of business! 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Elderly Lady in Keller
This woman took in a kitten that is now 9 month old.  It is feral and has never “come around”.  She tried to pick it up and got severely scratch ending up in the hospital.  SOOOO – I received a call from an employee at a vet clinic who was just look for help for her.  I called a rescuer in Keller who will try to capture this cat early next week.  We shall see….  Elderly people are often difficult to work with because they will not quit feeding long enough for the cat to NEED FOOD and go into the trap after it.  Hope it works!  
BMG:  Feral Cats in Denison
I received a call from someone who has feral cats in her yard with kittens that are sick AND NO TRANSPORTATION.  You know…sometimes you just want to scream.  Denison is 1 ½ hours from Lewisville.  I gave her some more local resources but I’ll bet she did not follow through         

OMG:  Barn Cat Failure 
Received the following email:   I have failed miserably in updating you on Tinker Bob, fka "Bobbi." Well, she has improved from a Vampire Kitty to a Stealth Kitty, and finally she has become a Family Kitty. She will brave the attentions of the three year old, if it means a good petting.   She sheds terribly but she's fat and sassy now. Where she used to dash between the rails of the baby gate to get to safety...well, now it's more of a squeeze and wiggle.  She won't jump on or over anything, either...the most she'll do is get on our bed. We still think she has problems with her hind legs.   She has even claimed her spot on the bed during the daytime and howls at me if naptime doesn't start on time.  She loves to snuggle up high on our shoulders, pushing her head under an ear, and when she gets tired of the exposed side getting all the petting, she rearranges herself on the other side. She's not stingy with giving us her attention, either.  Every few minutes she will get off my shoulders and go to her daddy, and a few minutes later, she'll return to me...over, and over, and over.  She's the first cat we've ever had that has had claws. Since she has such a terror of the outdoors, she will never be anything but an indoor kitty.   She hasn't torn up anything.  Actually, she lets me trim the sharp points off her claws!  She's truly a wonderful cat, even though she never accomplished her original purpose. She's made up for her "outdoor failings" by being an outstanding kitty indoors.  Thanks so much for your part in finding a good kitty a good home.”

“Thanks” for following the Barn Cats Blog.  See you on September 7th!          Peg

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