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Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:   Feral with a Microchip  
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  TOO HOT NOW!
OMG (Oh My God):  All Cages Now Full
Remembering Rebecca

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 9 this week with intake at 14.       
1          Barn in Whitesboro (Nemo)
5          Adoption Group (Sara, Alice, Ebony, Ellie Mae, Stripes)
3          Bonham Rescue
The barn in Whitesboro is AIR CONDITIONED!   Wanted them to take 10 cats instead of just 1!
Our Cats after Release:  Picked up no equipment this week.        
1.      Justin:  The barn owner brought back the equipment to us this week so I did not get to see Beetle Juice.  But, he is doing well and has brought Blossom out of her shell – GOOD JOB BEETLE JUICE!    

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Feral with a Microchip
I received a text from a local rescuer who is vacationing in Montana.  She received notification from Dallas Animal Services that one of her cats was picked up and the chip traced back to her.  Now, because she is out of state, the cat could be euthanized because there is no way she can get it.  SO – Barn Cats to the rescue!   We will get the cat first of the week after the paperwork has cleared.  The bad news is that there is some sort of mix up with the microchips.  She does not chip her ferals but does for the friendlier cats.  It appears that is a friendly cat that was NOT chipped – bummer.  But – this one will be saved!

I hate when it gets too hot (or too cold) to put out any cats.  We cannot put a cat in a cage in a 100 degree barn … unless it is air conditioned (one in a million – see above in Whitesboro), or there is great air flow (usually older barns were build to take advantage of natural flow), or there are fans everywhere.  It is just safer to wait, so that is where we are now.    

OMG:  All Cages Now Full
I am now putting people off until mid-September when the weather cools down.  Most take it well but some are pissed!  Sorry – just TNR and wait for cooler temperatures. 

Remembering Rebecca:  Many years ago when I was doing regular adoptions, I picked up a semi-feral mom with a bunch of kittens.  All the kittens “turned” and got safe indoor homes except for one, Ian (orange/white) that has some health issues.  Ian passed away on 2011 but his mom lasted until last week.  She was 14 or 15 years old.  She had a stroke over Tuesday night and died on Thursday 8//7/14.  Over the last several months Rebecca had become friendlier, sitting next to me on the couch and actually wanting to be petted.  Maybe she knew her time was limited with us.  I really miss her!   

“Thanks” for following the Barn Cats Blog.  See you next week!          Peg

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