Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week ending 3/13/2011

Hello, Bloggers!

Well – the cold has broken and the rats are running! Placed a huge amount of cats this week…
5 on Monday to Desoto 6 on Thursday
2 on Friday to Dodd City 2 on Saturday to Bartonville 4 on Sunday (3 to Whitesboro and 1 to an adoption group)
For a grand total of 19 cats placed this week! It is really nice to get a large groups of cats placed. I feel really positive about all the placements and wish all those cats the very best in their new barn homes.

Friday we also rented a cargo van and picked up broken bags of cat litter from Kim with Animal Allies of Texas who lives in Trenton. We were only a mile from her when we went to Dodd City (south of Bonham) with those cats. Now the garage is packed with free litter and my master bath shower is full of free food from IAMS! Now if we just had a new van, the world would be great.

Next week may also see a large number of cats placed….everyone keep their paws crossed.

I am finally able to pull in cats from my list from October! It has been a long, slow, cold winter. Things are picking up!

We sent out a fund raising letter and received enough donations to put $1,000 in a savings account for the new van. We have never had a savings account before. We also made enough money to pay the van insurance!
I also received an email from a group in Florida who wants to start doing some barn homing….GREAT! We now have 27 states with at least one group placing cats in barns plus listings in Great Britain and Canada. It is funny – someone made a check out to Barn Cat International one time…delusions of grandeur. HA HA!

Stay tuned for future updates.

It is looking like a great spring here in North Texas!

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