Sunday, August 26, 2012

08/13/2012 - 08/19/2012

Relocations and In Take
Phone Calls you Don't Want to Get
Potential Cat Poisoning
Bonham Cats
Barns for Fall Placement

Relocations and In Take: We placed 14 this week because the weather finally broke. In-take was at 7. Five of those were from adoption groups that had gotten in unadoptable cats into their programs. Glad we could help out!

4 - Barn in Desoto
3 - Barn in Van Alstyne (historic home with family and slave cemeteries)
3 - Barn in Melissa
2 - Barn in Argyle
2 - Barn in Argyle

 Thanks to Neighbor Nancy, Jamie and Donna for helping drive this week. It feels really good to finally get some cats out of the house and to their new homes.

Phone Calls you Don't Want to Get: Remember the lady with stage -4 cancer who is an independent rescuer - well - I never heard back from her friends. Wonder what happened?

Got a new one from Southern Oklahoma - parents are moving to Waxahachie. None are sterilized...oops... If they are moving to the country, maybe I can convince them to move some cats as well.

Potential Cat Poisoning: This is from a problem in Denton. I have now received three cats from this situation. One nursing mom is with a local adoption group and I may get her after the kittens are weaned. These guys are young and rather small. There are four or five left to capture - we shall see.

Bonham Cats: We continue to pay for the spay/neuter of cats coming out of the bonham shelter. There was another male done this week at Dr. Gray's clinic in Trenton. I have told them Barn Cats will pay for the spay/neuter and rabies shots of any cats going to barns, foster care or adoption.

 Barns for Fall Placement: I am finally able to take some locations off this list!!!

Flower Mound

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog. See you next week! Peg

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