Monday, August 5, 2013

07/22/13 to 08/04/13

Relocations and In Take
July Closeout
Our Cats after Release
Calls You Don’t Want to Get
BMG (Bitch – Moan - Groan)
OMG (Oh My God)

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 5 with intake at 2.
1                    Barn in Rockwall (Peanut Butter) – see below
2                    Screened porch in McKinney (Bosley and Baxter)
2           Garage in Flower Mound (Kokomo and Jackson)

Peanut Butter is the cat from last week that had a peanut butter jar stuck on her head. We placed her in Rockwall where the resident kitty watched…Turtle.
Peanut Butter
Turtle Inviting PB to Play
It was the perfect place for her. 




July Closeout:  We placed 35 in July with relocations done BEFORE it got extremely hot. 17 were for spay/neuter in Greenville and Bonham.  We were in the following counties:

Collin               Dallas              Denton            Hunt               
Fannin             Rockwall          Wise

Our Cats after Release:             
1.      Fairview – I put Miss Ellie and Jock (The Ewings) in this barn. Both are doing well. Miss Ellie was out (sorry about the not clear pic – too much glare) but Jock was hiding – got photo of his gray butt!                                                                        
Miss Ellie


Calls You Don’t Want to Get:  “I found 4 newborn kittens under a bush and the mom has been killed.” – BUT the caller does not say where they are…my recommendation depends on your location. Barn Cats does not take kittens but we can at least advise what to do.    

BMG:  I answered the phone about 9:30 on Wednesday – first call of that morning…but the lady said I was a grump and she did not want to work with me. OK – no problem – I am sure you can find someone else to help with your cat problem – NOT!     
OMG:   I received a call to place 2 friendly cats in a garage in Flower Mound. I had to get two friendly cats for them because I did not have any in house. I had been on that street before... BUT IT WAS THE SAME HOUSE! OMG! This family has not lived there very long and it was vacant for 9 months before they moved in…but the rats moved it! I placed 3 or 4 there in 2004. SO – many years ago! This has happened once before in McKinney…same property…different owners. The grandparents also live on the property so there is someone there almost all the time. They put a fan on the cage and the cats are adjusting well. 
Thanks for following the Barn Cats blog.  See you next week!           Peg

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