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Blog 04/07/14 to 04/13/14 

            Barn Cat Bash, June 1st
Bistecca (formerly Grotto) in Highland Village
            Reservations Required (
Relocations and In Take
Tribute to Chuy
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Vets, Vans, and conVersation 
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Pet Peeves
OMG (Oh My God):  Cat Sick in Sherman Area 
Relocations and In Take:   Placed 14 this week with intake at 15.   
3          Garage/workshop in Van Alstyne (Mocha, Amy, Andrea)
4          Barn in Weston (Levi, Oliver, Obie, Duke -“The 4 Tops” from Jody)
3          Garage in Waxahachie (3 from Southwest Airlines)
2          Barn in McKinney (Grace, Blossom)
2          Bonham Rescue         

The barn in McKinney is the home of an equine veterinarian.  GREAT REFERENCE! 

Of the 4 boys that went to the Weston barn, one, a tabby, was a screamer and a mess-maker.  He constantly turned over the feeder and waterer making an unholy mess each night.  After release that will not be a problem – but until then – look out! 

Tribute to Chuy:  In September, where was an eviction of a guy whose mother had died and she had a reverse mortgage.  There were 7 cats.  5 went to adoption groups but 2 were too old…12 and 13 years.  Rollo and Chuy came to live in my cat room with Tinker (The Queen), Bunny, Rambo, Tess, and Valentina.  Chuy had been gradually losing her sight but was getting around OK and eating well.  Last weekend she had what we think was a stroke.  Monday, we had her put to sleep at All Care.  How she is at peace!   

Our Cats after Release:      Picked up equipment in 2 locations this week.    
1.      Gunter:  Carson and Mr. Bates went to this barn.  Did not see either one but much food is disappearing each day.    
2.      Celina:  Misty and Yin were released in this barn.    Misty the tabby and white is still around but Yin has not been seen…???
3.      Plano Update:  Jackson went to live in this backyard with a pool.  There is a climate-controlled room off the patio where he can stay when the weather is cold or stormy.  His new name is Sebastian and he is doing well.  They have not seen a single rat in the 9 months since he was placed there and is even keeping the neighbor’s yards cleaned up as well.  He even gets along with the dog but does not care for her other indoor cats.  Comment:  “He is a sweetie!” 

4.      Anna Update:  Received some new pictures from the cats placed in Anna:


Amy and Monroe




Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Vets, Vans, and conVersation!
1.      Thursday:  Received a call from someone that had caught 8 cats without thinking about “what next”.  Three of the 8 were “injured”.  Every vet she called WANTED TO BE PAID!  OK – you go to the doctor and he/she wants to be paid.  What is the question?  Of course, she was looking for a shelter or group that would pay for the vet work.
2.      Tuesday:  Animal Services in a Dallas suburb called because they want me to take 6 semi-feral cats that were taken from a guy that was LIVING IN HIS VAN with the cats.  They will get the vet work done next week and I will take them. 
3.      Thursday:  I was talking to a guy about some cats and I asked “Where are they?”  Answer:  “In the backyard”.   I guess I need to say “What city are they in?”

BMG:  Pet Peeves

  1. I get at least 10 phone calls a day and about 20-25 emails.  I try to get back to everyone.  It DRIVES ME CRAZY when someone (always an older lady) leaves “Mrs.” someone rather than a first name.  I want to call back and say this is “Ms. Atkerson” but that is rude…I have thought about it.  You know, the person would not get it – so what is the use!
  2.  If I cannot help folks, they say “I will just have to take them to the pound.”  Well that blood is on your hands.  How about SPAY/NEUTER and this would never have happened.

OMG:  Cat Sick in Sherman Area
We had one get a “cold” in his relocation cage this week east of Sherman.  That is a over one hour from me.  I drove up there mid-week to get him, got him a Convenia shot, and returned him on Saturday.  Tiger had come from Bedford Animal Services and he was placed with Ariel.          

There is a full moon coming up next Tuesday (tax day) – SO – look out and a Solar Eclipse on April 28/29th…lots of disturbances in the atmosphere.                                                               

Thanks for following the Barn Cats blog.  See you next week!           Peg

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