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Blog 06/20/16 to 06/26/16

Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Sweet Black Cat at a Kill Shelter - UPDATE
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Nothing This Week
OMG (Oh My God):  Spay Gone Bad 

Relocations and In Take:   We had 27 placements this week.  
6          Barn in Keller (Butterscotch, Clover, Natalie, Oscar, Monica, Friendly)
6          Barn in Granbury (Blue, Jet, Lucy, Smokey, Harley, Carrot)
3          Garage in Eastland (Duchess, Charlotte, Sugar)
1          Office in Lewisville (Mr. Lucky)
2          Workshop in Plano (Sophie, Sally)
3          Carport in Aubrey (Keiko, Roberta, Betty)
2          Adoption Group (Sunshine, Chelsea)
3          Barn in Whitesboro (Ian, Tom, Andy)
1          Barn in Seagoville (Ribbit)

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Aubrey:  Ariel and Trina were placed in this garage connected to the house.  One was seen last night and one this morning.  They are doing well and not being intimidated by the dog! 
2.     Rockwall:  Baby and Handsome were placed in this backyard.  Both have been spotted and are living under the hot tub which is where the rabbits are hiding.  Great – they are doing their job! 

Bad Calls/Emails:  Sweet Black Cat at a Kill Shelter -- UPDATE
Got Simba out of “jail” on Monday afternoon.  He was hissing and growling at us but calmed right down when I got him in the truck.  Wednesday he was tested, neutered, and got his shots.  The vet staff said “He had the biggest balls we have ever seen!”  HA HA!  I said he was a big boy.

OMG:  Spay Gone Bad
A young cat from Valley View was given to Barn Cats on 6/22 – Wednesday.  I put her in a cage in my family room next to 3 other cats in individual cages.  Someone was crying all night.  I removed Buddy to the cat room.  Then I removed this cat – but the crying continued.  Finally, I covered up the cages of the other two cats and the crying stopped.  When I put this cat in a cage in the cat room, she jumped around trying to get out.  I turned off the light (it was about 2 am) and went back to bed.  That would have been Thursday morning.  Saturday morning, her incision came loose and she started losing lots of blood.  Our vet put her to sleep.  Geez – this had happened to us one other time and the outcome is never good.  I guess if this has just happened twice in 14 years and 6,000 cats – that is not bad…but…bummer!

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