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Blog 09/26/16 to 10/02/16

Our Cats after Release (will do September Closeout next week)
Calls/Emails:  Hilltown in Denton County
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Food and Water Required
OMG (Oh My God):  Hillary, The Cat – Look out Republicans!

Relocations and In Take:   We placed 24 this week.     
7          Barn in Justin (7 from a colony in Hickory Creek)
1          Barn in Sherman (Ruby)
4          Shed in Shady Shores (Gracie, Joe, Garcia, Tamale)
2          Barn in Van Alstyne (Pepsi, Dennis)
3          Front Porch in Bridgeport (Sherbet, Mocha, Peanut)
2          Barn at Riding Stable in Flower Mound (Buddy, Cash)
3          Workshop in Royce City (Nigel, Cricket, Heidi)
1          Barn in Highland Village (Kiva)
1          Backyard in Double Oak (Hillary)

Ruby:  Received Ruby from an adoption group.  She is hissy but loved the toys in her cage at the house.  She is going to be a great mouser.  She went to a barn to be a friend for another cat that Barn Cats placed there several years ago.  It is a safe place and she will KILL ANYTHING THAT MOVES!  

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Southlake:  Julie went to live in the garage in Southlake.  She is doing well and the family loves her. 
2.     Copper Canyon:  Placed Doris, Deena, and Dolly in this garage with the barn just across the driveway.  The mom has not been spotted but the other two are leaving presents for the family.  Lots of food is disappearing so all 3 may still be around. 
3.     Flower Mound:  Holly was placed in this workshop with Jinx.  I did not get to see them but the owner says he has. 
4.     Flower Mound:  Mother Goose and Onyx were placed in this barn home.  Mother Goose took off immediately but Onyx is around and killing everything he can.  Both are black so maybe both “are” still there….????
5.     Celina:  Noodles and Patron went to this barn in Celina.  They are keeping them enclosed to “kill things”.  The food is disappearing and the litter has been used.  All is still good in Celina. 
6.     Double Oak:  Blackie and Abby have taken off…but it is a neighborhood and we all hope they have just found a location with better food.  
7.     Whitemound:  Sweetie Pie went to this workshop to be a friend for Jack, an orange tabby that came from the Collin County Animal Shelter.  The property owner is saying “SMILE” – and I think she is!  

Calls/Emails:  Hilltown in Denton County
I was contacted by the director of the DOGS OF HILLTOWN a non-profit trying to save stray dogs in this unincorporated community.  I am not actually sure where it is but they also have a cat problem driven by an elderly lady who has not spayed/neutered….kittens dead in the street, etc. etc. etc.  I will be trying to set up a time to meet those folks out there to assess the situation.  More next week – this could be long, messy, and expensive!   

BMG:   Food and Water Required
Each property owner signs a document that they will continue to provide food and water for the cat(s) after they are released.  Many times when I go to get the equipment at the 3 week point, there is still no feeder/waterer on site.  I make them get buckets or bowls or whatever to place the remaining food and fresh water into for the cats.  They have had 3 weeks – good grief!     

OMG:  Hillary, The Cat – Look Out Republicans!
I received 5 cats from St. Helena Parish in Louisiana that were flood victims.  I gave those 5 “H” starting-names…Helen, Holly, Heidi, Happy and Hillary.  Well – I received a call to place a friendly outside cat at the former home of a prominent Texas Republican, Senator Jane Nelson.  Could not resist -- placed HILLARY in that location.  Love it!        

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.          Peg

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