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Barn Cat BLOG 9/1/19

Blog 08/26/19 to 09/01/19

MCCC – Mid-Cities Community Cats
DCL – Dallas Cat Lady
PCFCC – Panther City Feral Cat Coalition
FF – Feral Friends
TTR – Tall Tails Rescue
GP – Garland Pawsibilities
HCPL – Hunt County Pets Alive
SPCA – SPCA of Texas

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Oklahoma Scheduled for September 7th - UPDATE
OMG:  Late for Appointments
BMG:  Missed Opportunit

            3          Barn in Lucas (MCCC)
Have gotten several calls and referred them to the groups involved but this is the only one I know was done.  I have referred a barn in Ivanhoe and one in Van Alstyne to MCCC and we are waiting on 4 friendlier cats for a Sanger location with DCL. 

Our Cats after Release:    (always slow on a holiday weekend)
1          Barn in Van Alstyne:   This was Myra that was put out about 2 months ago.  The barn owner had not seen her so I took out additional caging to hold some cats coming from another group….but…MYRA SHOWED UP!    YES!!!

Calls/Emails:  Oklahoma Scheduled for September 7th - UPDATE
Geez – this has been complicated.  Not because of the cats but because of dealing with everyone’s schedules AND barn construction.  This is a great place and will be as safe as possible for these 7 cats….4 from PCFCC and 3 from Garland.  The caging is already there, I just need to set it up.  I will go about 10:30 on that Saturday, set up the equipment, and the cats coming at noon.  I will be glad to get this off the schedule!!!!!  UPDATE:  Still holding on for this one.   Should be going out next weekend.

OMG:  Late for Appointments
I have some furniture listed on Next Door.  One lady was interested in the desk and made an appointment to come on Tuesday….then changed to Wednesday….then changed to Thursday.  She did come over an hour late, only wanted one section (NO), then sent a nasty email that I had wasted her time.   WHAT ABOUT TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY and LATE ON THURSDAY?  Geez – I hate people.  

BMG:   Missed Opportunity
Remember the shed that was put up in Flower Mound with AC and heat, well the 3 problematic Tom Cats were removed with the opportunity to place 3 tortie sisters out there.   WELL – The foster of the torties went to see this place (she should never have been given this location phone number or address because she is too emotionally attached)….”OH – I am just too worried that they will be eaten by a coyote.”  You know (idiot) that coyotes are everywhere in town too.  This was the very best location I have ever seen for cats and SHE BLEW IT!   The property owner is not getting other cats from someone she knows in Haslet.   SO – WE ALL HAVE LOST THIS ONE!    S—T!  The only safe place for those 3 cats is where they have grown up in that person’s bathroom.  Now she will have them forever!       
TRANSITION UPDATE:   Truck gone.  I was very sad to see it go.  This is the first time in 16 years that there has been only one vehicle in my driveway and garage.  I will miss it.

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