Sunday, November 25, 2012

11/05/2012 to 11/11/2012

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get
Relocations and In Take:   I placed 8 with in-take at 8…at least it is even!                                           
2          Barn in Sanger
4          Heated Barn in DeSoto
2          Barn in Red Oak

Geez – What Next?
On Wednesday this week, Nancy and I were working in the front rooms organizing the Silent Auction items for the event coming up the day after Thanksgiving. Well, I was on the phone, when Nancy says “Peg – get off the phone – the fire department is here!”. Sure enough, the big fire truck was in front of the house and a fireman was headed to my front door. Unfortunately, a lady bringing us a cat from Flower Mound had been involved in a car accident. They made her go to the hospital (just in case) but there was the issue of what to do with the cat who had been sitting in a flexible carrier on the front seat. The woman was T-boned on that side of the vehicle and the cat ended up on the floor of the car…but seemed to be OK. She asked the firemen to deliver the cat to Barn Cats….so….that is why the big truck came to my house last Wednesday! “Harley” the cat is fine and the lady was released from the hospital that evening. 

Our Cats after Release: 
·         Bells, TX:  This group was 4 from Oklahoma. They are doing well. I did not go onto the property because Gina delivered the equipment to Sherman where she and her husband own some oil changing places. However – I did get a free oil change for the Barn Cats truck!     
·         Red Oak:  Shamu, Caspar, and Ginger (also from Oklahoma) are living in and around the greenhouse catching small mice. The other cats I placed there (two big orange tabbies) are living under the main house and catching RATS! GOOD JOB all around!
·         Argyle:  Michelle and Peppermint are doing well there. 
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get: 
Got a call from an elderly lady in Sanger feeding cats that are of breeding age.  GOOD NEWS is that there are only 3. We will take her traps and then will have to do the transport when they are caught.

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week.           Peg             

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