Sunday, November 25, 2012

11/12/2012 to 11/18/2012

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get
Relocations and In Take:   I placed 7 with in-take at 5.                                                 
2          Heated Barn in Mansfield
2          Heated Barn in Celina
3          Barn in Celeste

Our Cats after Release: 
·         Venus:  Saw “Vicky” this week. She is living on the front porch in a feral house and/or under the house there in Venus. She looked really good – her new name is “Lucinda”. She has filled out and is “working” to control their rodent problem.      
·         Rowlett:  Cutsey and Peppermint have become KILLER CATS there at the warehouse.  Each has a special spot on top of a cabinet or storage area with a comfy bed and many toys. They find dead mice almost every morning when they come to work.   
·         Burleson:  I did not see Mickey, Manny, and Mona but the barn owner, Frank, sees them each evening for their canned food. 
·         Royce City:  Well – AJ and Houdini have settled right in. AJ is still skittish but Houdini has become just something shy of a LAP CAT! Sue and Gary have worked wonders with those two cats…thanks! 
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get: 
·       I am trying to work with a guy in Corsicana. I found him a spay/neuter option with the Humane Society of Navarro County but now he says he cannot afford it – I remember it as free but may be confused  I told him BARN CATS WILL PAY but you need to get payment information – check or credit card – and I will pay for the sterilization and rabies shots. That was 5 days ago and NO ACTION. Sounds like another Valley View…same song…second verse! 

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week.           Peg             

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