Monday, December 17, 2012

12/10/2012 to 12/16/2012

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get

Relocations and In Take:   I placed 7 with in-take at 1.  Finally catching up on intake and I got all the cat cages out of my family and dining rooms! 
1                    Mansfield:  workshop cat
1                    Midlothian:  Adoption
2                    Wolfe City – Their 14 year old barn cat can no longer “keep up”. 
1            Lucus:  garage cat
1                    Argyle:  garage cat
1            Bonham

Our Cats after Release: 
·         Aubrey:  Magic and Pepper have moved from the horse stall to the tack/feed room…where the mice are! All is well in Aubrey 
      McKinney:  Harley was being reclusive in the cage at the barn site. As it turns out, the barn owner wants her to “be more friendly”. I offered to switch her BUT – she put in the time and energy and Harley has come around and has come out from the hidey box and making friends. YEAH! 
      Celeste:  Crash, Chumpkins, and Cheddar are being reclusive but the food is disappearing. She has 3 donkeys so they are still around – just not obvious!
      Mansfield:  Tommy and Truman are hiding in the barn/workshop walls – well that is where the rodents are hiding, too! They are “leaving bodies around” each morning. 
      Argyle:  Kelly and Kendra from Feral Friends are hanging out in the barn in Argyle. The last 2 (Ashley and Martha) did not stay – so it is good these two are staying around. 
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get: 
Slow time for phone and emails – thank God! The holidays are upon us and I am glad for a little relief. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week.           Peg             

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