Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/17/2012 to 12/23/2012


Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get

Relocations and In Take:   I placed 7 with in-take at 3. Problem is that 2 out of the three were part of the 7 that got placed. Still have some that have been here a month or more.    
2              Garage in Van Alstyne
1                    Barn in Rockwall
3               Bonham 
1                    To Adoption Group

The barn in Rockwall is now managed by a guy I worked with many years ago in Bartonville. He was at Star Gate Sport Horses then. He had a heater set up to keep “Denise” warn during her cage time. I appreciated that and I am sure “Denise” will like it, too. I really do not like to put out a single cat this time of year because 2 or 3 will keep each other warmer.  BUT – “Turtle”, the current barn cat, needs a friend….so….”Denise” is that friend. 

Our Cats after Release: 
·         Denison:  Saw Tigger in his workshop/office/man cave in Denison. Chief is there somewhere…just not obvious. Tigger has made himself right at home.    

·         Nevada:  Little Boy and Suzie are still hiding out in the garage in Nevada. But the food keeps disappearing and the rodents are GONE!    

·         Flower Mound:  Saw Lucy when I went to pick up equipment. She looks good. The other three will be more elusive…but I am sure they are still around. Meg, the Great Pyrenees, will see to that. 

·         Flower Mound:  Starlet has hit it big in Flower Mound. The home-owners have converted a swimming pool equipment storage tub to an insulated hidey box for her…heated bed, feeder, waterer, and litter box. She is spending her days under the deck where the rodents are hiding. All is well in Flower Mound!

·         Celina:  I set up a triple cage in a hay loft here. The caregivers for the 2 cats delivered there after the shots were updated. WELL – the ranch hand would never answer his phone and then would not return my phone calls. I finally called the barn owner who gave me the gate code – that DID NOT WORK! Bottom line:  It took me longer to get the equipment back than it did to set up that triple cage in a hay loft!   
Phone Calls/Emails You Don’t Want to Get: 
SAME AS LAST WEEK:  Slow time for phone and emails – thank God!   The holidays are upon us and I am glad for a little relief. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week.           Peg             

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