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BARN CAT BASH, Sunday, June 5, 2016
Bistecca in Highland Village, 5:30
Reservations Required 
(email to for an invitation)

Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Creating a Problem for Yourself: UPDATE
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Want Help – Little Info!
OMG (Oh My God):  Gumbo – THE BIG GUY!
Auction Items

Relocations and In Take:   We had 9 placements this week.  
2          Workshop in Aubrey (Spink, Roddy)
2          Barn in Flower Mound (BW, Magoo)
3          Barn in McKinney (Sheba, Jasper, Sammy)
1          Barn in Allen:  (Meredith)
1          Returned to Gainesville (Rachael)

OOPS!  Rachael came to us from Gainesville.  When the family returned home, a neighbor came to their home looking for her cat!  SO – Rachael was returned to her neighborhood. 

Sophie:  Sophie came to us from Tyler.  Two other cats she was living with tested positive for feline leukemia.  That disease can develop up to 3 months later.  We are keep her here until the time that she can be tested again.  If she tests negative at that time, she will be placed. 

Our Cats after Release:
1.     Hickory Creek:  Mittens was placed in this barn to be a friend for another cat that we put in that barn many years ago.  A second cat had died…we had placed him there in 2005-6 following hurricane Katrina.  He had come from New Orleans but had many years in Hickory Creek.  This is Mittens – she can even pet him!   

2.     Forestburg:  Ossi-Spot, Manny, Jesse, and JoJo were placed here.  She sees 2 of them regularly.  These guys were place late in March but we just picked up equipment due to so much rain falling in that area of Texas.  We did not want to be stuck … again!    
3.     Sanger:  Morris, Yancey, and Penny were placed in this barn along with 2 from Denton Animal Services.  We picked up equipment from them much earlier but the barn owner asked to keep a hidey box and a trap.  Well, we picked up that equipment mid-week and she said that she is seeing 3 out of the 5 often.  GREAT! 
4.     Lucas:  Andy and Angie were placed in this barn at a horse boarding facility.  We did not see them but the barn owner has – so all is well! 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Creating a Problem for Yourself:  UPDATE
Received several calls from an elderly lady who wants me to take a problematic from her….no problem but you need to bring it here…we do not pick up except at animal services locations.  BUT – she gets it contained in a small carrier THEN tries to figure out what to do with it.  That is backwards!  You need to know WHAT/WHERE to take the cat BEFORE you get it contained.  Now you have a crisis that you created…I could not really get her to understand – bummer.
UPDATE:  I told her she could bring the cat to Lewisville on Tuesday.  She could not get a friend to come with her which is probably a good thing.  I told her we would be coming to her area probably Wednesday or Thursday.  Well, that relo got postponed until next Monday.  When I called her to say we could pick up the cat on Monday, she said “I gave him to a farmer”.  I asked if he was going to keep the cat confined for 2 weeks – NO.  So, she set up this cat to fail.  As you can imagine, I let her have it but I am sure it did no good.  TOO BAD FOR THE CAT!     

BMG:  Want Help – Little Info!
Received a phone message asking me to take a cat because they are moving.  Does not say:
1.     When moving?
2.     Why not taking the cat?
3.     Friendly or feral?
4.     Age?
5.     City currently in?
6.     On and on and on…
When I called, of course no one answered.  I left my cell number but have not had a call back.  Probably moving THAT day – not unusual – and just remembered they had not done anything about their cat.  As usual -- I HATE PEOPLE!   

OMG:  Gumbo – The Big Guy! 
You know:  Everything happens for a reason.  Gumbo came to Barn Cats after his family hit on bad times in 2014.  He was illusive with them and spent most of his time under their bed.  We relo’ed Gumbo in the winter months in 2015 in a barn in Flower Mound.  Well, he could not get his big butt through the hole in our winter hidey boxes…so…I switched him out with a skinner cat.  Gumbo came home to live in my cat room.  Just a big orange hairy blob!   Earlier this year, somebody starting pooping outside the litter boxes but we were unsure who was to blame.  Then we noticed that Gumbo was losing his hair…???  He went to the vet many time:  exams, blood work, Convenia shot, B-12, fluids, x-rays, etc.  We even called in a specialist.  NOTHING was ever concluded except that he continued to go downhill.  I did not want to stress him out by chasing him around the cat room to get into a carrier.  Saturday morning, he was sleeping inside a carrier in the closet in the cat room.  I just closed the door and we went to have him euthanized.  He has lost two-thirds of his body weight…poor guy!   BUT – he did not die outside in a barn somewhere.  We did all we could but it was just time to go “over the rainbow bridge”.  He passed peacefully about 9:30 am.  The cat room is just not the same without my Gummy Bear!  I will miss him. 

Auction Items:  I will start today showing some items that will be on our silent and live auctions at the Barn Cat Bash on June 5th.  We are famous for our selection of yard art pieces.  Here are two…a dog and an armadillo.  The last picture is of a hand-painted glass bird bath that is done like the Texas flag.  LOVE IT!  We are planning a complete section of Texas-themed items this year. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.          Peg

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