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Blog 10/23/17 to 10/29/17

Seeking someone to take over Barn Cats, Inc.:  I would like to officially retire as Executive Director in 2019.  I can retain the fundraising pieces but would like to stop the relocations, equipment pickups, phone calls, and emails…the day-to-day stuff.  I will be available for consultation.  If interested call or email Barn Cats…972-315-2875

Fall Barn Cat Bash – Friday, 11/24/17, 3 pm 972-315-2875

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Construction in a Neighborhood
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Put Cat with her “Family”
OMG (Oh My God):  “CAT GOT OUT” 
Mileage on the Barn Cats Truck

Relocations and In Take:   I placed 16 this week.      
4          Workshop in Rockwall (Tom, Frances, Smokey, Patches)
2          Garage in Ennis (Nancy, Clyde)
5          Barn in Royce City (Meanie, Minnie, Morty, Maggie, Mooche)
2          Barn in Flower Mound (Ms. Kitty, Ashton)
2          Shed in Alba (Josie, Jamie)
1          Garage in Garland (Freckles)

Our Cats after Release:    
1.     Burleson:  Chipper, Trixie, and Sheldon went to this barn.  I saw the orange one disappear under the hay stack and the other two have also been spotted by the property owners.  Also, the rodent dropping are GONE!  All is well in Burleson!
2.     Gordonsville:  Badger, Skinny Pete, and Carmina went to this storage shed.  They have migrated to the wood pile but that is probably where the rodents are.  GOOD JOB!    
3.     Weston:  Galaxy, Golden Boy, and Helen went to this barn home where the owner is an attorney.  All are staying around usually under the hay pallets.  Litter is used and food is gone.   YES! 
4.     Argyle:  Morgan, Sheila, and Tanner went to this horse boarding facility.  All have been spotted and I saw Morgan.  BUT – she disappeared under a shed before I could bet a picture.  BUMMER!
5.     Mesquite:  Fiona, Frances and Angel went to this barn behind the house in Mesquite.  All are around and the family now has 2 new donkeys from the SPCA to protect the girls.  AND – no rodents have been spotted since the release of the group. 
6.     Celina:  Piccolo, Sketch, and Sylvia went to this garage where the property also has several out buildings.  All are coming back each night to eat and the family is closing them up to protect them from nighttime predators.  THANK YOU! 
7.     Celina:  Danny and Dallas are returning each night to eat and use their heated cat house.  The first two I put there (Licorice and Blue Bear) are now living in and around a neighbor’s garden but that is OKAY!   
8.     Princeton:  This event center had an on-going rodent issue under a building.  Johnny and Jeffry have SOLVED THIS ONE.  The owner has built them a heated cat shelter to keep them warm and cozy.

Calls/Emails:  Construction in a Neighborhood
That Celina neighborhood has lots of building going on.  With the disturbance of the ground comes lots of rodents.  I have put out 10 cats on that street now.  We are working on the problem one home at a time. 

BMG:   Put Cat with her Family
I put out 3 in Rockwall (Tom, Frances, Smokey) on Tuesday then the last cat was trapped in that group.  These cats came from Granbury.  The trappers ask if Patches could be placed with her “family”.  I called them and she joined the “family” on Sunday.  THANK YOU ROCKWALL FOLKS!  They are a very nice family with two Great Pyrenes to protect the cats.    

Put Nancy and Clyde out on Wednesday in Ennis in a garage.  Somehow on Friday Clyde got out of the cage.  BUMMER!  They have not seen him but…you never know...  

Mileage on the Barn Cat Truck  
Check it out....77777 -- need to play the lottery!  

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg

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