Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week Ending 4/17/2011

It has been a while since we have driven to Graham, TX. It is Barbara M. who lives there. Barbara moved to Graham from California about 2 ½ years ago. She has beautiful property with horses, geese, chickens, donkeys, dogs, and (of course) cats! Barbara’s business is helping people deal with problem animals and/or helping them deal with the loss of a pet – she is an Animal psychic! The business is (866- 978-2006). We first met her when she requested 3 cats from us over 2 years ago. One cat has taken up with a neighbor, one just passed away (looked like a heart attack), and “Ann” is still there. We took 6 to her this time.

We asked her how she decided to move from California to GRAHAM, TX….she consulted a location astrologer who advised her to move to Ft. Worth. She could not find property she liked there and she began talking to other people (clients) who lived in North Texas. She has two clients in Graham and that is where she landed. It seems to be working out for her.
We love Barbara but the trip to Graham is NO FUN! You just go north to Denton on I-35 and turn west on Hwy 380 until you get to Graham. I will admit that Bridgeport has grown up some in the last 2 years probably because of Run Away Bay. As we were leaving Graham – just outside of town – a coyote ran in front of the van. That was a shock!

Barbara gave us one of her autographed books for our auction AND a $60 Gift Certificate for 30 minutes of her consulting time. Those will be on the Silent Auction, June 5th at Grotto. That event is shaping up nicely but we need to concentrate next week on getting the invitation out.
We are still on the hunt for a new vehicle.


Stay tuned…

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