Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week Ending 4/3/2011

You guys don’t know this but it is a good thing that BLOGS don’t have scratch and sniff! We had some of the smelliest equipment we ever picked up this week. We double bagged most of it but still had to drive across Dallas with the windows open. After unloading the feeders, waterers, and litter boxes, the rest went directly to a local car wash to get power washed….this was gross! The cats were all sticking around – that is the good news!

We only placed 4 this week but it was a really good barn north of Bonham. We had equipment to pick up near there, so it all worked out. Plus, that barn is part of a larger area with other folks that probably will want some cats.

This was also the end of the month on Thursday. March 2011 was good for Barn Cats, Inc. with 64 placed. We were also at all the extreme ends of our service area – north of Bonham, west of Weatherford, south of Waxahachie, and deep into East Texas at Gilmer. Wish gasoline prices would go down some.

We picked up some additional auction items for June 5th on Friday this week at two of our favorite places in Collinsville and Pilot Point. We now have several metal yard art pieces: big grasshopper, big ant, small green frog, and a big painted donkey with a bobble head. That donkey is super cute. His head sways with the breeze.

I am currently having problems getting in touch with folks. They contact us for cats but I can never seem to get with them via phone. This one person was responsive via email but never answers either phone number she gave me. AND – on one the mail box is “full” and the other does not have a valid mail box. Geez – what is up! I have asked her to call me “any time” – but that has not happened…yet...and we are one week into this situation. We cannot go out to a property and leave cats plus several hundred dollars of equipment and then maybe not be able to get back with them it pick our stuff up – needless to say that if they do not take care of their messages then they might not take care of the cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep June 5th in mind. We will be at Grotto in Highland Village for our annual “Barn Cat Bash”…great food, lots of good wine, and Silent and Live auctions. I will post more later. BYE!

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