Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week Ending 5/22/2011

Not many cats were placed this week. We had too many other activities that distracted us from the relocations.

Monday and Tuesday I worked with the City of Lewisville on reviewing and evaluating the grant applications for 7 arts groups. The process has been run by GLAA (Greater Lewisville Arts Alliance) for about 10 years. Now, with the new MCL Grand arts complex, there is an Arts Board. This year is the transition year to get this activity completely run by the Arts Board by the next grant season, Spring of 2012. The formal review and recommendation will be made on Saturday, June 4th. There is about $154,000 to distribute between the 7 applicants. We will make a recommendation and then the City Council will accept, reject, or amend our recommendation. I will be glad when June 4th is over!

We had a death of one of our cats this week….Millie. She came from East Dallas on that cold Monday night when we picked up the cat that had been hit by the car. We got her later that week. Her 3 kittens went to the McKinney SPCA for adoption. When Dr. Clawson at All Care opened her up for the spay, she was “yellow” inside…not good. This was probably liver failure. BUT – the last 2 weeks of her life were in a safe environment rather than living on dirt under a shed in a backyard. She was just a young black mom but our hearts went out to here. Bye-Bye, Millie! Your kittens will get safe, in-door homes.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent picking up broken bags of cat litter from the WalMart Return Center in Waco. Each time we rent a cargo van from Enterprise and drive to Waco. They load it on pallets using a forklift and then we drive back and unload it. I am always glad we have that litter – it saves us a bunch of money….but….it is a real headache to get it done about once each quarter. Many Thanks to Kim with Animal Allies for getting us “in” on this opportunity at WalMart. Now we have the GREAT WALL OF LITTER in my garage.

Both Rhonda and I were in Anna on Sunday. She placed 3 cats and I placed 1. I had a “grand plan” to place 2 additional in Blue Ridge but that got postponed until the next Thursday. Dudley had come from Texas Cares and he does not “play well with others”. So, off to a barn in Anna went Dudley. It has a loft and he should be safe. So – only a total of 5 were placed this week counting Millie. I hope next week is more cat-productive.

Stay tuned

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