Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week Ending 6/5 - No more until end of June!!!

Relocations plus Totals for Year-To-Date
Barn Cat Bash
MANY KITTENS from Valley View

RELOCATIONS: We relocated a total of 21 this week:
4 to Ponder
3 to Weatherford
4 in a Trade to two adoption groups
3 to Sachse
7 to Krum

The Spring has been good for relocations but it has now gotten so hot. In 2011 we have placed:
January 31
February 6
March 64
April 65
May 65
…for a Grand Total of 231 for this year. For the same period in 2010, we placed 163 but in 2009 we had placed 331. I guess this is a pretty good year after all.

Barn Cat Bash: IT IS OVER! We had 62 attendees and I just made a deposit of over $4,000 from the auction. Many thanks to our friends Cathy and Morris Salerno, owners of Grotto in Highland Village for the great food and great service. Special thanks to Barn Cat Volunteers, Nancy, Linny, Julie, Peg, and Chris for their help with set up, check in, and check out.

MANY KITTENS: Well the 19 kittens are still here…none are 2 lbs yet but we are working on it. All are eating well and drinking formula from a bowl. We will take the babies away from the 3 moms this week so they can eventually get spayed. One mom (a feral) was spayed this week and GUESS WHAT? She was already pregnant. YES – nursing moms can get “knocked up”. I am soooooo scared that the three others are also pregnant. We should know in about 2 weeks after their milk dries up.

I have 4 barns waiting but I am about to leave town on June 8th for two weeks. There will be no blog until June 26th. EVERYBODY STAY COOL!


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