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Blog 09/08/14 to 09/14/14     

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
August Closeout
Bad Calls/Emails:   Kittens in Carrollton  
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Aledo Cats
OMG (Oh My God):  
            Cats/Dogs in Greenville
            Plan BEFORE you Trap
Relocations and In Take:   Placed 50 this week (BEST WEEK EVER) with intake at 19.       
3          Barn in Italy (Miss Ellie, Sue Ellen, JR)
2          Business Office in Lewisville (Archie, Veronica)
2          Barn in Bartonville (Petra, Tink)
3          Adoption Group (Icee, Duke, Buttons, Tinkerbelle)
1          Barn in Krugerville (Jack)
5          Barn in Sherman (Rebecca, Elena, John Ross, Christopher, Bobby)
7          Barn in Terrell (Ferals 1-4 & 6-8 from Aledo)
1          Garage in Celina (Earl)
4          Barn in Waxahachie (Honey Bear, Soldier, Rascal, Clyde)
2          Barn in Frisco (Smokey, Renegade)
2          Garage in Celina (Moxie, Nell)
2          Barn in Trenton (Coco, Perry)
11        Bonham Rescue
5          Cameron Rescue

On Thursday, we were in 7 North Texas counties…what a week!  
Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 1 location.        
1.      Farmers Branch:  Ringo, Storm, Rayne, and Sweetheart went to this warehouse.  All are doing well there.   

August Closeout:  Even with being out of town for 2 weeks, we managed to place 37 in August in 5 North Texas counties:
            Collin               Cooke              Dallas              Denton            Fannin                        

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Kittens in Carrollton
I lady called and asked in the message if I would get 2 kittens out of Animal Services.  After speaking to her, she wanted BCI to take these 2 kittens – nope!   They get carried off by a hawk or an owl in a barn environment.  So, it is better to have them humanely euthanized that to be hit by cars or get caught inside a car engine – which it what has happened to 4 others in that litter.  The lady did say that she is going to work with one of the local feral groups to TNR the mom…thank God!  If that had been done sooner (mom is about 6 years old), none of these kittens would have even been born. 
BMG:  Aledo Cats
Before I left town in August, a request came in from a rescue person who said that a guy moved out of a home in Aledo and left 10 cats.  (I hope he rots in hell!)  I could not help then but said I could take the 10 in September.  A group of 7 came in on Wednesday and went out to Terrell on Thursday.  Now I understand that there are additional cats (maybe 7 to 9) also on the property.  GEEZ!   That will have to wait until October when I am finished with the Valley View Mall cats and a tire warehouse that is closing with 10 cats.         

OMG:  Cats/Dogs in Greenville
For several years, I have tried to help a family with stray cats.  Each time I set up an appointment at Cause for Paws, she DID NOT get the female cat there.  Now where are 6 1-year-old cats and the mom has disappeared.  ALSO – now there are puppies, too!   She says she has a friend who can drive there here.  BUT – you know – she does not have any carriers EXCEPT the 3 that I left there years ago plus one trap that also belongs to Barn Cats.  I am going to see if they can just go to the McKinney SPCA location rather than to Lewisville.  Will they follow through?  History says – NO!  We shall see….
            Plan BEFORE you Trap
Received a call to accept a cat that they ALREADY HAD IN A TRAP!  WHAT?  You cannot do that.  If I do not have a cage open, I cannot take a cat.  ALSO – it needs vet work before it comes here:
·         Negative test for feline leukemia
·         Spayed/Neutered
·         Rabies shot
·         Distemper shot
YES – that needs to be done BEFORE it comes here.  We do not have “vets on staff”.  So, I read them the “riot act” about know what you will do with the cat BEFORE trapping it.      

“Thanks” for following the Barn Cats Blog.  See you on next week.          Peg

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