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Blog 07/13/15 to 07/19/15  

Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Two Hour Drive for $50
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  UPDATE AGAIN:  New Vehicle
OMG (Oh My God):  Pretty Baby – Finally Trapped!

Relocations and In Take:   Placed 19 this week.  
6          Barn and Garage in Godley (Boris, Natasha, Gena, Mona, Molly, Mama)
3          Barn in Dallas (June, Pete, Leslie)
2          Barn in Graham (Neptune, Anna)
4          Adoption Group (Indie, Lola, Spaz, Athena)
1          Put to Sleep (Pretty Baby) (see below for explanation)
3          Bonham Rescue

The 4 to an adoption group came directly out of the Lewisville Animal Services shelter…the kill shelter for my city.  The group had 4 from a hoarder they wanted Barn Cats to take so I got 4 from the shelter.  They selected the 4 that had been there the longest.  This is win-win for the shelter, the adoption group (cats that are fully vet’ted) and Barn Cats for placing 4.  Purr-fect! 

Our Cats after Release:  
1.     Gunter – Little Mama, Tiger, and Vanna were placed in Gunter with two other cats I placed there last winter…Toby and Tessa.  Both of the original cats are still spotted on the property but are not hanging out in the workshop area.  When the new 3 were put in the cages, Toby decided to reclaim his territory and has come “home”.  Maybe this is just a TOP CAT thing going on.  We shall see but all are currently living well together. 
2.     Graham – Poof, Pumpkin, Dana, and Jimmy were placed in this barn in Graham.  Only Jimmy is making himself seen currently but I would be willing to bet the other 3 are still around.  We shall see… 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  2 Hour Drive for $50
What are people thinking…
Someone this week wanted me to travel almost 2 hours EACH WAY to pick up her mom and 3 or 4 kittens (we never take kittens – they can be carried off by a hawk in the daytime or an owl at night).  The offer was to take them for $50 – that would pay for the rabies shots but not the testing, the distemper shots and/or the spaying/neutering of all those cats.  …not to mention the gasoline to get there and back.  I did recommend a group that works with the local shelter there in that town.  Hopefully they can help her.    
BMG:  UPDATE:  New Vehicle
Over Monday night, I decided “enough is enough”.  Nancy and I will put a list together of” wants” and “want nots” and gave it to the fleet manager with a date of Saturday, 7/18/15 to get a vehicle on site.  We went over to the dealership on Tuesday and presented the list.  BUT – no vehicle with our requirements was to be found on the internet.  Wednesday, we ordered a new Transit Connect configured exactly as we want it but it will probably be 6 months before delivery.  SO – how many additional miles can be put on the current one until the new one arrives?  I guess only time will tell!
OMG:  Pretty Baby – Finally Trapped!
A lady was trying for over a month to trap a cat with a bad injury to his face and front paw.  When she finally got it last Monday, she brought it to the house and I took it to All Care on Tuesday morning.  I had wondered why the injuries were not healing…???  The clinic knocked him out and took a look….it was cancer!  Poor Pretty Baby!  We put him to sleep so he would not suffer any longer.  It is much better to humanely euthanize an injured or sick cat than to have them suffering in the heat of the summer and dying in the dirt.  RIP, Pretty Baby!  He has no more pain.  
“Thanks” for following the Barn Cats Blog.  See you all next week.      Peg

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