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Barn Cat Bash – Friday, November 27, 2015
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Relocations and In Take
Our Cats after Release
Bad Calls/Emails:  Cell Phones in the Country
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Not Tested / No Distemper Shot
OMG (Oh My God):  RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN!

Relocations and In Take:   We had 2 placements this week (Thanksgiving Week).    
     1     Garage in Crowley (Toby)
     1     Adoption Group (Duchess)
Our Cats after Release: 
1.        Aubrey:  Butch and Braylee went to this barn in Aubrey.  I have not been able to get there due to MUD but finally retrieved the equipment this week.  Braylee is the longer-haired of the two. 

2.        Sachse:  Kiz and Klaus were released into an apartment inside the barn last week and are doing great. 
3.        Crowley:  Sparkle has moved on to a neighbor’s house so I delivered Toby there this week.
4.        Valley View:  Sarabi, Fred, Francine, Debbie, Dawn, and Darrell went to this barn home.  Sarabi is now IN THE HOUSE, getting along great with the dogs, and spoiled rotten!  The barn owner is seeing 3 out of the other 5 so that is good, too. 
5.        Krum: Dexter, Dallas, Davey, and Donny.  I saw two when I picked up equipment.  There is one behind the front cat in the picture below.  Now sure which it is because all 4 look alike!
Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Cell Phones in the Country
A barn owner called me about a week ago and I called her back.  She never received the call.  SO – she call me back about 4 days after that and ONCE AGAIN I called her and left a message.  Problem is that she never got my message with my cell number so continued to call the land line and I am rarely home.   I finally got her “LIVE” and it is all worked out to take some cats there this Thursday.  PHONE ABUSE!          

BMG:  Not Tested / No Distemper Shot
I was to take a cat on Tuesday that was to be vet’ted earlier that day at the TCAP Burleson Clinic.  The lady asked her son to take the cat and to tell them what to do (test first, if negative spay, rabies and distemper shot).  She even wrote it down for him.  He was to pick up at 5:30 but the ferals were not awake so it was not until 6 that they could be released.  He picked up his mom in Arlington and they headed to Lewisville arriving at 8:34 PM.  Geez!  When I looked at the paperwork, the cat had NOT been tested and had NOT been given an FVRCP shot.  Now I have to take her to All Care, they will knock her out again, do the test and the shot and hopefully she is negative for leukemia…???  We do not know if he did not tell them or the receptionist did not write it down.  It is always something!

OMG:  RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN!
Several people were unable to get to our fundraiser because of the rain and flash flood warnings.  Our Bonham folks told to not leave the area so they stayed away.  I also have folks cancel due to their home heating unit going out and one with car trouble.  Well, the rest of us had a great time.  Sorry you missed it!   Update on the event next week.  See our FACEBOOK page next week for some items that were not sold. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week!       Peg

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