Sunday, March 19, 2017

Blog 03/13/17 to 03/19/17

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Bone Cancer
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:   I am an idiot! 
OMG (Oh My God):  Bluebonnets Everywhere

Relocations and In Take:   I placed 14 this week. 
4          Garage in Springtown (Sheldon, Bobo, Theodore, Fred)
5          Adoption Group (Petunia, Cheese, Dandy, Puff, and Pearl)
3          Barn in Avalon (Dora, Penguino, Archie)
2          Shed in Hickory Creek (Hailey, Taz)

Our Cats after Release:  Sorry no pictures this week.    
1.     Azle:  Ninja, Willis, and Wallace went to this garage.  They have not been spotted but the food is disappearing on the family’s back porch.  They are just off exploring!
2.     Saginaw:  Suzie was placed in this barn.  She had not been seen and the rats are still around.  There are many other barns in that neighborhood so maybe she just found better food somewhere else. 
3.     Prosper:  Nugget, Crumbs, Jerry, and Jamie went to this therapeutic riding stable.  Nugget is now a THERAPY CAT and is letting folks pet him…you never know.  The other three are being illusive but I am sure they are still around. 
4.     Alvord:  Mandu, Twix, and Okra went to this hay barn at this cattle ranch.  Rats are gone and the food is disappearing – so the cats are still there.  Way to go!
5.     Keller:  Gabby went to this warehouse in Keller.  She is friendly but hides when strangers come onto the property.  The rodent poop is gone so she is doing her job.  Her smell is keeping them at bay even without a body count!  
6.     Flower Mound:  Couscous is living under a shed in a backyard in Flower Mound.  The owner can see his head sticking out – I think he may get friendlier as time goes on.        

Calls/Emails:  Bone Cancer
A person had a cat show up at her apartment and “did not look good”.  I told her to trap it and get to a get – probably leukemia.  The feeds another cat and I was concerned that (if leukemia) her other cat might have it too.  BUT – not leukemia but bone cancer.  She had the poor kitty put to sleep.  Vet said she was in a lot of pain.  So – bad but good and she did not die in the dirt.

BMG:   I am an Idiot!
Went out Sunday to deliver some cats and pick up equipment in two places.  I was about half way with the cats when I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone.  I really rely on it especially in the country if the roads are not marked or maybe my route is blocked by a closed road or something.  BUMMER!   I did get to the location only to discover I had the two feeders BUT NOT THE WATERERS!  Geez – problem #2.  Guess I was being consistent.  At lease I had all the pieces of the caging.  One time many years ago, I arrived in Justin only to discover that I did not have the DOORS to the cages.   Northing works with the doors – I had to go home, get the doors, and return to the location.  At least Justin is not that far from Lewisville!   

OMG:  Bluebonnets Everywhere
Was out on Saturday and did not see a one.  But SUNDAY – they are everywhere and so beautiful.  If you are in the DFW area, they are especially pretty on 114.  Because I did not have my phone, I did not get any pictures.  Will try again next week for pictures. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg