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Blog 03/06/17 to 03/12/17

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Missed Appointments
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Stray vs Feral
OMG (Oh My God):  Feline Leukemia Positive Cats

Relocations and In Take:   I placed 25 this week. 
4          Garage in Burleson (Marvin, Marilyn, Molly, Midnight)
1          Barn in Fort Worth (Susie)
2          Garage in Balch Springs (Kevin, Miss Kitty)
1          Adoption Group (Sammie)
2          Returned to Owner (Sister, Fluffy)
2          Shed in Argyle (Cherry, Caramel)
3          Shed in Haslet (Smudge, Tara, Zora)
2          Workshop in Celeste (Betty, Bonnie)
2          Garage in Irving (Goldy, Midnight)
6          Warehouse in Dallas (Benji, Lightning, Whiskers, Spot, Teddy, Jupiter) 

Explanation:  The person who released Sister and Fluffy to Barn Cats had second thoughts about it and came to get them.  Well – I want the best for each and every cat and it is a good home where they will be taken care of…so…that is it!

Our Cats after Release: 
1.     Sherman:  Giblet and Gumbo went to live in this backyard in Sherman.  While collecting equipment, Gumbo went into the Barn Cat truck then ran into the yard when we got there.  Both have been seen and the rats are gone!
2.     Krum:  Chickpea has stayed but Drake is gone.  Glad to know Chickpea is safe and sound and living in the garage and old barn.
3.     Flower Mound:  Cinnamon and Scone went to this backyard.  They purchased a cat house and I went over to move the cats.  I hope it works out because they have had some snakes in the yard. 
4.     Athens:   Peggy Sue, Noe, and Lulu went to the office/tac room in a barn.  So – look for yourself:


5.   Royce City:  Riku, Elsa, and Dougie went to this home where rats had eated the electric wiring of the owner’s vehicle to the tune of $16,000!   She purchased a cat house and put it in a fenced in area with a disabled goat.  There is a donkey.  He protects the chickens but is close by. 

Calls/Emails:  Missed Appointments
Two cats were spayed/neutered at the TCAP mobile clinic in Garland on Thursday.  The rescuer called to bring the cats to Lewisville on Friday.  I did 3 different relos on Friday but could meet with them about 4:30 – but please wait if I get stuck in traffic!   I got home at 4:45 but no one was waiting.  I called…went to voice mail.  Received a call about 5:50 saying they had gotten lost.  OK – when didn’t they call and I could “maybe” directed them.  BUT – they went back home to Garland.  When they called, we made a second appointment for 10 to 12 on Saturday when the volunteers will be here.  NO SHOW AGAIN!   I called the number I have but the phone was “not accepting calls”.  Hummmmm – it is now Sunday and still no call.  I cannot help someone if they do not do their part.  I just hope those poor cats are NOT STILL IN CARRIERS since last Thursday.    

BMG:   Stray vs Feral
Stray Cat:  one living outside  a friendly cat that can be petted and picked up.
Feral Cat:  one living outside that is non-domesticated – it cannot be petted or picked up.
Also someone folks assume a cat is “feral” if it has a clipped ear…NO…it was just sterialized at a clinic that clips ears.  Once again this week, a person turned over a friendly cat to us…there are 400 adoption groups in the DFW area but just one Barn Cats that takes all those ferals.  GEEZ!

OMG:  Feline Leukemia Positive Cats
I have not gotten several cats currently that were supposed to come here but tested positive for leukemia and had to be euthanized.  It is just too contagious.  But, they will not infect any other cats and they did not die in the dirt. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg

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