Sunday, September 3, 2017

Blog 08/28/17 to 09/03/17

Seeking someone to take over Barn Cats, Inc.:  I would like to officially retire as Executive Director in 2019.  I can retain the fundraising pieces but would like to stop the relocations, equipment pickups, phone calls, and emails…the day-to-day stuff.  I will be available for consultation.  If interested call or email Barn Cats…972-315-2875


Our Cats after Release
July Closeout
August Closeout
Calls/Emails:  Still Getting Kitten Calls!
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Screamer Cats
OMG (Oh My God):  Empty Feral Box at LVAS

Relocations and In Take:   I placed 8 this week.  It is Labor Day weekend so always slow on a holiday week/weekend.   
2          Shed in Haslet (Milo, Jett)
3          Barn in McKinney (Sadie, Rocky, Mandy)
2          Barn in Lucas (Jane, Cisco)
1          Backyard in Van Alstyne (Bubbles)

Our Cats after Release:    
1.     Flower Mound:  Cairo and Whitney were placed in this indoor/outdoor situation.  Whitney was just hiding all the time so she was returned to Barn Cats.  Cairo is working out great and is staying in Flower Mound.
2.     Flower Mound:  Rip was placed at this horse riding stable.  He is getting along great with the other cats on the property but does not like one of the worker’s dog…oh well – just so he is OK! 

July Closeout
We placed 25 in July even though I was out of town from July 13th until August 11th.  Those cats went to 4 North Texas Counties – Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant.

August Closeout
We placed 34 following August 11th and after a bad week that took me to a hospital…ok now!  They went to 5 counties – Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rains, and Tarrant.

Calls/Emails:  Still Getting Kitten Calls!
This year, the kitten calls have never stopped or slowed down.  I think it is because we did not have a cold winter…but…don’t know.  We don’t take kittens ever (carried off by hawks in the daytime or owls at night) but I do recommend various adoption groups so they can be saved.  Kittens deserve a safe, indoor-only home.  Hope they all get that forever home! 

BMG:   Screamer Cats
Occasionally I get a cat here that is an all-night screamer!   …then I get little sleep.  It has happened this week with a group from Garland.  I separated 2 cats into caging in my family room at 3 am one night only to find when I got up that one was loose in the house!   I asked Nancy to come over – the cat was in the sunroom and was not that difficult to pack up.  BUT – it does take 2 people.  But, the screaming continued.  So, on Saturday a 7 were moved to the garage – but it made me nervous so I moved all into the family room on Sunday. 

OMG:  Empty Feral Box at LVAS
Lewisville Animal Services called for me to pick up 3 that were spayed/neutered for Barn Cats.  I went on Friday.  One got away from us so they used the BIG NET to catch the cat.  Cat #2 went easily into my carrier.  When we went into the 3rd cat’s cage, the feral box was EMPTY!   OOPS!  They call later that day that she had gotten away from them when leaving the TCAP clinic in Denton.  At least she is spayed with an ear tip – hope she finds someone to take care of her.  GOOD LUCK!  

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg

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