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Blog 06/18/18 to 06/24/18

Seeking someone to take over Barn Cats, Inc.:  I would like to officially retire as Executive Director in 2019.  I can retain the fundraising pieces but would like to stop the relocations, equipment pickups, phone calls, and emails…the day-to-day stuff.  I will be available for consultation.  If interested call or email Barn Cats…972-315-2875

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Leukemia Cats – SOOOO SORRY! - UPDATE
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Buddy formerly Bandit
OMG (Oh My God):  Sonny – Friendly Orange Tabby:  UPDATE
Inky – RIP!   

Relocations:   I placed 3 this week.  SUMMER IS HERE!                 
3          Barn in Argyle (Marbles, Sunny, Buddy)

Our Cats after Release: 
1.     Burleson:  Tiffany, Ellie, and Socks went to this workshop/garage.  They have been seen from a distance and the food is disappearing.  The family has a game camera but CANNOT FIND IT from their recent move.  Hope it is uncovered soon and they see the trio roaming around the property.
2.     Lucas:  Stevie, Duchess, Duke, and Baron went to this workshop/garage.  One took off immediately but the other 3 have been spotted on a game camera.  YES!  Love those cameras!
3.     Gunter:  Ashes, Crazy, and Mama went to this property.  I saw the black one and the tabby.  They are set up with air conditioning in an apartment connected to the barn. 

Calls/Emails:   Leukemia Cats – SOOOO SORRY! - UPDATE
Remember the entry from last week about the group doing barning without testing first.  Well, I told a lady that I would take her 9 cats after they were tested and shots were updated.  6 of those have now been to the vet and 5 out of the 6 have tested positive for feline leukemia which is contagious.  This is so serious!  It can be prevented but not cured but the shots are not 100% effective either.  BUMMER!   Still waiting for the other 3 to see if they are infected as well.   More on this one next week.  UPDATE:  I did not heard from the person all week which means that there are still 3 cats in that area that could be potentially infected with feline leukemia.  Hard to believe that anyone would be that irresponsible.  Those cats may be infecting other neighborhood cats.  I AM SOOOO SORRY!                       
BMG:   Buddy formerly Bandit
I received this cat from an adoption group but he is 7 years old.  I was worried about putting him in a barn so I let him loose in the cat room.  WELL – he is all over me, rubbing…purring…in my lap…in my face…NOT FERAL.   Then I discover he is declawed in front.  OOPS!  I placed him with a local adoption group who put him at Petco.  He was totally NASTY in that cage.  SO – I took him back.  I placed an advertisement about him at the BASH to see if anyone would like to have him because he is not going to work with a rescue that goes to Petco or PetsMart.  As luck would have it, a family in Haslet offered to take him.  I delivered him there where he got along great with the parents, kids, and dog – but – the husband is allergic…BUMMER!  Got him back on Thursday and he is now living in my guest room.  Hope something else comes along for him.  He is a great cat and deserves a forever home. 

OMG:  Sonny – Friendly Orange Tabby: UPDATE  
A week ago I received a message from Denton Animal Services about a cat with a microchip that had been turned over to Barn Cats.  He had originally come from Irving.  When I called Irving Animal Services, I found out this was in 2013!!!!!!!  YES – 5 years ago.  It took me a while to dig out the 2013 box.  I tried searching it online but there are many, many Sonny or Sunny cats in my records.  We do not track chip numbers because such a small number of cats come to us with microchips.  Irving was helpful with the date and description.  I originally placed him in December of 2013 in Paradise, Texas.  Well – a year ago, neighbors moved and the same time Sonny disappeared.  The family did not know where they moved so could not get in touch with them.  Looks like they moved to Denton and Sonny ended up in “jail”.  I picked him up on Monday afternoon and returned him to Paradise on Wednesday.  It is always something!
UPDATE:  Picked up the caging from Paradise this week.  Sonny is doing fine and reacquainting himself with the current cats on the property.  It has been over a year.  ALL GOOD!     

Inky – RIP!
Received a text from the Anna location that Inky passed away over Saturday night…6/23-24.  Inky came to us from a location where an elderly man took care of her.  Two of her “friends” had passed away from old age.  He was moving and could not take her.  She was at least 10 years old when we got her.  She went to Anna in April with the others from our back cat room and was getting along fine.  She died in her sleep – peacefully over Saturday night. 

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg                                                                    

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