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Barn Cats BLOG 2/3/2019

Blog 01/28/19 to 02/03/19

January Closeout
Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Burger – Cat with Bad Knees
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Chipped Cat at Animal Services
OMG (Oh My God):  No Entry This Week 

Relocations:   I placed 6 this week.  Still no barn calls or emails….NEED BARNS! 
6     Adoption Group (Burger, Henry, Whoopie, Sterling, Greg, Oliver)     

January Closeout:  I was out of town for 2 weeks so only 15 were placed in 4 North Texas counties:  Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Grayson.           

Our Cats after Release:   
1.     Van Alstyne:  Sundance and Bumble were placed in this barn with an elderly horse.  The horse was not eating all of his food immediately and rodents were getting into it.  No rodents or droppings have been seen since the cats were placed there….ALL GOOD! 
2.     Plano:   Clover and Tommy went to be garage cats in Plano.  Both are still around and spotted regularly.  They have a heater there and they seem to like it.
3.     Cedar Hill:  Blue, Callie and Casey were placed in this barn with a donkey.  They were formerly living in Granbury in a grocery store parking lot.  All 3 are still around and the rodents are GONE!   YEAH! 

Calls/Emails:   Burger – Cat with Bad Knees
I received Burger from Addison Animal Services.  He is only 9 months old but a big boy.  I had him caged for almost a month but decided to let him out to play with my “kids”.  He would play, play, play.  He even slept with me one night.  I decided to give him to an adoption group so he can have a safe, indoor-only home.  I noticed he would sometimes hop instead of run but did not think there was a problem.  The adoption group found that he has bad knees.  They are getting him some surgery next  week to correct the problem.  WOW – glad he went there and not to a barn! 

BMG:   Chipped Cat at an Animal Services Location
I placed a cat named Ribbit in Seagoville.  He did not stay so I placed another there:  Max Junior.  Well, Ribbit has turned up at Seagoville Animal Services.  He is microchipped.  I placed him in 2016.  Max is still there.  Ribbit was brought into Seagoville Animal Services but “did not look good”.  They were taking him to a vet the next day.  I have not heard back from them so do not know the results.  Will try to get an update for the BLOG next week.
OMG:  No Entry This Week
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