Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bar Cats BLOG 3/17/19

Blog 03/11/19 to 03/17/19


Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Soon to be Abandoned Cats:  UPDATE AGAIN!
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Returned with the Cats
OMG (Oh My God):  Jesse and Gracie

Relocations:   I placed 5 this week.    
3          Workshop in Weatherford (Jack, Jake, Chase)
2          Returned to Former Owner (Lucy, Big Bob)
1          Barn in Aubrey (Patty)            

Our Cats after Release:   
1.     Denton:  Finn, Carrie, Rudy, and Tommy went to this barn.  Carrie escaped the first night but is now the one that the property owner sees each and every night.  Two of the others are seen occasionally.  Guess things are OK in Denton. 

Calls/Emails:   Soon to be Abandoned Cats:  UPDATE AGAIN!
A Dallas area resident had 9 cats that were keep in-doors.  She was moving in with her dad because she was being evicted.  She was just going to put the cats outside and move off.  I HATE PEOPLE!  A local adoption group rescued the cats and I got 3…but…YES the 3 are semi-feral but have been indoors.  I will have to wait for warmer weather to put them out.  Also, one may have an eye problem.  I will take her into the clinic next week.
UPDATE:  Took Farrah to the vet.  They did an x-ray and found extensive cancer.  They put her to sleep on Friday.  Glad she was still with Barn Cat and not loose in a barn where they might not see her.  RIP, FARRAH! 
UPDATE AGAIN:  Well, the former owner found a place for the cats with a relative and wanted them back.  SO – the remaining 2 were picked up on Friday and returned to her.  GEEZ!      

BMG:   Returned with the Cats
Made an appointment to relo 3 cats on Thursday.  I left early because I thought it would take me over 1 hour to get there…I was early!  BUT – just before I arrived my cell phone went off and it was the property owner.  SHE WAS IN OKLAHOMA and would not be back for about 2 hours.  Hummm!   I was almost there.  She said to go on it and check out the shed where we had agreed to put the cats.  For any shed, I ask several questions ahead of time:
1.     Are there windows?  YES
2.     Is there electricity?  NO but it is insulated
3.     Is it cleaned out or packed with stuff?  It is empty
1.     Yes there are windows.
2.     NO it is not insulated.
3.     NO it was not cleaned out.
So, it did not matter that she was not there.  I called to tell her to let me know when the stuff was moved out of the shed.  It is now Sunday evening and still NO PHONE CALL.  OH WELL!

OMG:   Jesse and Gracie
Received a phone call about 2 cats I put in Cedar Hill in January of 2017.  Both are still on property and follow the owners around each evening waiting for their canned food.   They sent me pictures but I could not get them saved and then sent to my email.  BUMMER!  But they are doing great!   Thanks for the update!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg                                                                    


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