Sunday, March 24, 2019

Barn CatsBLOG 3/24/19

Blog 03/18/19 to 03/24/19

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Rejected Barn
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Tulip at Animal Services from Adoption Group
OMG (Oh My God):  Bart Adopted

Relocations:   I placed 7 this week.    
6          Church in Flower Mound (Creesy, Jewel, Rusty, Tuxie, Prissy, Tom)
1          Adoption Group (Tulip)          

Our Cats after Release:   
1.     Flower Mound:  Mary and Martha went to this barn with no electricity.  Worried about them so got those disks you put in the microwave, heat them up, and put in the cages.  WORKED WELL!   Food is disappearing so the girls are doing well.    
2.     Wolfe City:  Philly, Mika, and George went to this enclosed workshop.  BUT – they managed to escape!  Mike and George have been spotted on the property.  They are going in and out of the workshop because food is disappearing and the litter is used.  Hopefully Philly will appear soon.  
3.     Cedar Hill:  Eva, Bougie, and Suzie all came from Denton Animal Services and went to this horse stable in Cedar Hill.  Put them in a “lounge” like area with a heater.  There is a window so they can come and go.  ALL GOOD!    
4.     Picture of Carrie in Denton – This was reported last week but now have a picture from the property owner.  

Calls/Emails:   Rejected Barn
NEED BARNS!   …but this one had no fencing and their last cat was taken off by a coyote or bobcat.  OOPS – not yet!   When the fencing is completed it will be a much safer place.        

BMG:   Tulip at Animal Services
Got a cat that was owner-released to a local shelter.  When looking at her paperwork, discovered that she was 8 years old, was totally inside, AND originally came from a local adoption group.  I contacted them and they took her back on Thursday.  GREAT!

OMG:   Bart Adopted
I originally got Bart from a family in Grapevine.  Discovered he was very friendly so asked a local adoption group to take him.  He was only in the store for 4 days before a family selected him.  GREAT NEWS!  Now I can put Leo up there hopefully later this week.   More on that…

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg                                                                    


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