Thursday, March 28, 2019

Barn Cat Transition 3/28/19

March 28, 2019

Update:  The Barn Cat Transition

I plan to retire on June 1st of this year.   With that date in mind, I started looking for a replacement person or organization about 4 years ago.  In August of 2018, Operation Kindness came forward and wanted to take over Barn Cats, Inc.  They got a grant to pay for the legal issues (transfer of the 501C3, bank accounts, vehicle, etc.) and assigned someone to be the focal point.  We were told at that time that their board had approved the acquisition. 
Well, now we find out that their board had NOT approved the acquisition of Barn Cats, Inc.  Last Tuesday, their board met and decided NOT to approve the project and now it has been scrapped.  We are left high and dry after 8 months.  

We have only 2 months left to find another group or shut down.  Since no one came forward in 4 years, the chances of another finding someone to take over are slim to none.  THEREFORE, as of May 1st we will no longer be taking in any feral cats for placement.  That will give me May to place all the in-house cats and get that project completed before I need to retire.  I am also looking for groups that might need caging and the other supplies that we have so those items can still be used…just not by us! 

This is a mess.  The problem is that it is the feral cats that end up in shelters will have no avenue for placement.  They will be euthanized.  Sad – Sad – Sad!  We place between 500 and 700 each year and now those cats will be killed.    

I will continue to give updates and anyone needing additional info can call 972-315-2875 or send an email to                           Peggy Atkerson


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