Sunday, October 20, 2019

Blog 10/14/19 to 10/20/19

1.     The Barn Cat phone number has changed.  Remove 972-315-2875.  Use 972-742-5238. The website has been updated but there are still many lists out there with the old number.  A message now exists on the old number that references the new number. 
2.     The Barn Cat mailing has changed:  PO Box 12642, Dallas, TX  75225.  Letters will be going out this week with the new information. 

MCCC – Mid-Cities Community Cats
DCL – Dallas Cat Lady
PCFCC – Panther City Feral Cat Coalition
FF – Feral Friends
TTR – Tall Tails Rescue
GNB – Garland New Beginnings
HCPA – Hunt County Pets Alive
SPCA – SPCA of Texas

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Arlington Cats in a Trap
OMG:   Facebook Updates
BMG:  Vacation Schedule – UPDATE
Frankie in the Mouse-Shaped Cat Bed

Relocations:   Placed 7 this week.
            4          Barn in Farmersville (4 by MCCC)    
            3          Barn/Shed in Sachse (3 by GNB)
Still no word on the 2 friendly cats for Princeton.  DCL is working with someone to get 2 out there. 

Our Cats after Release:    No word from the groups this week.
Calls/Emails:  Arlington Cats in a Trap
A lady called.  She was leaving town and had cats in a trap.  She was taking them to the SPCA BUT DID NOT CHECK IN WITH THEM FIRST.  You never trap unless you know exactly what you are going to do with them.  I gave her some options/phone numbers but do not know what eventually happened to them.  Hope it worked out for the cats.  What next!!! 

OMG:  Facebook Updates
Cindy with MCCC is putting videos on the BCI Facebook page and getting lots of activity.   Congrats to her for doing this.  Hope it generates more barn activity.  I sent out a letter to 500 folks this week, too.   Hope is brings in some barn calls as well.  We shall see…

BMG:  OMG:  Vacation Schedule – UPDATE
I am leaving town 11/20 returning on 12/18.  I am trying to figure out how the handle my cats here because security is tight.  A vet tech from All Care does not live far but then she may have a problem getting into my unit each day.  She would have to come to the concierge, check in, and then have someone walk her to my apartment.  BUT – she is a vet tech and could give the cats their monthly B-12 shots and daily pills with no problem.  I could put caging up at a friend’s house BUT then getting shots and pills could be a problem.  I don’t know what to do.  I always thing leaving them in their home where they are comfortable would be the best answer.  Tis a puzzlement…as the King used to say!  UPDATE:  Having trouble getting caging located to use at my friend’s house while I am gone.  So, using the vet tech and leaving the cats in my apartment may be the best and ONLY option.   More later…
Frankie in the Mouse-Shaped Cat Bed
This is my Frankie.  He came to me from the Fort Worth shelter several years ago.  He is the one born without eyelids.  I had that corrected.  He is in this cute cat bed I purchased at Home Goods.  LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg  

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