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4/23/2012 - 4/29/2012

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Relocations and In Take
AHHHH – Flat Tire in Ft. Worth

RELOCATIONS and In Take:  We were back in double digits this week but just barely!  We placed 10 with in-take at 8. I had an empty family room for 2 weeks – guess that is good. There are 5 cages set up in there again right now.. 

            7          Caging set up for a homeowner to move cats from another residence
            3          Well house in Abilene

Once again, I am having trouble reaching people who say they want our cats. I am holding two smaller, younger cats for a lady who requested two backyard cats and now will not return my phone calls. What’s up?

Another barn owner has been waiting for cats but the ladies trying to catch the cats have been unsuccessful. I just got a call TODAY (Sunday) that the last two have been wrangled soooooo, I can finally get all four out to their assigned barn. 

Flat Tire:  Sunday night I went to Northeast Ft. Worth to pick up a cat that had been sterilized that day at Ft. Worth Animal Services. She is a cute black/white and feral. Leaving the residence, the truck felt “funny” and SURE ENOUGH the back passengers-side tire was flat. AAA to the rescue and it was fixed in an hour. Having that AAA membership is one of the best things we ever did. Glad that didn’t happen at 70 miles an hour on Hwy 121!

Spots:  This is a white/black cat that we got from an Atmos location that is being torn down. He is such a mess – redecorating his cage every night. He turns his hidey-box upside down, flips over the feeder and waterer, and gets everything wet. I have moved him around in the cat rooms twice, finally settling on one of the biggest cages in the old cat room. I was sitting in my family room on Thursday evening watching TV about 9:30 pm when I heard a HOWL from the cat rooms. I got back there as quickly as possible expecting to find a serious cat fight in progress. However, Daniel (a large tabby) was on top of Spots cage, reaching down with those long legs, trying to “touch” Spots who was lying in the hammock that hangs across the cage. Daniel just wants to play but Spots was having none of that. Problem resolved with two large rugs placed on top of the cage to stop the “intrusion” into Spots’ territory!

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week!           Peg

Spots  April 2012  Check out the “wild” eyes. 

Daniel  April 2012  In every picture, he closed his eyes!

Rambo  April 2012 – Best Shot! 

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