Friday, June 29, 2012

4/30/2012 to 5/6/2012

Relocations and In Take
April Closeout
(See Pictures Below)

RELOCATIONS and In Take:  It was 12 placements for this week but we took in 15…oops! 

            1          Dallas car dealership and shop
            4          Weatherford
            2          Sadler
            4          Nevada
            1          Adoption

In last week’s blog, I mentioned that I had been waiting for 2 additional from a group of 4 where the mother of the two ladies is serious ill. Well – Got those cats out to Nevada this week. FINALLY!  I always hate it when some are sitting in cages waiting for additional cats to be rounded up  I have a big tabby now (“Sweets”) who is waiting for his sister who is nursing kittens. So – he sits and waits!    

April Closeout:  After a slow beginning in March, April was great – 69 placed!  Those 69 represented two LARGE relocations:
            13 to a dairy farm in East Texas
            14 to a horse farm in Flower Mound

The placements were in the following Texas counties:
            Collin               Ellis
Dallas              Grayson
            Denton            Hopkins
In our best year (2008) we placed 77 in April and had a yearly total of 622. I am getting tired just thinking about 77 placements in one month….and I was still working then!  GEEZ!

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog. See you next week!           Peg

“Thomas” in Cedar Hill – Garage Cat

Nevada Relo

Two Friendly Cats for Sadler

Daniel at the Car Dealership

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